My Art Memory Project: Image for Censorship

Censorship of Arts and Culture in Malaya/Malaysia

The MyArtMemory Project Censorship Chronology is a record of arts and culture censorship in Malaysia. Each entry provides a snapshot of censorship or a controversy that is cultural or artistic in nature. All entries are based on publicly available records or taken from first-person and/or witness accounts. The Chronology is not the definitive record of any one incident.

Each entry is by nature brief, designed to lodge the event/incident into the public record, and hopefully instigating further research and documentation. For the Pilot Project, we have listed 55 incidents to ‘seed’ the chronology. Laws, regulations and the governing or implementing bodies that enact arts censorship will be added to this Chronology, as the site develops.

The information contained in the MyArtMemory Project Censorship Chronology is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Please do contact us if there are any inaccuracies, or if you have additional information or documents to contribute. Help us to grow this vital archive by sending us verified information of arts censorship by contacting us here.