Busa-Busa Politik Arena Wati

By Faisal Tehrani Sasterawan negara Arena Wati kurang dikenali berbanding Usman Awang, A. Samad Said dan Shahnon Ahmad. Kurang sangat kedengaran tentang apa-apa sahaja yang kontroversi daripada beliau. Hal ini dikatakan kerana Arena Wati sendiri memang kurang berminat untuk terseret sama dalam apa jua kehebohan. Saya malah diberitahu, beliau tidak mempunyai nombor telefon, atau memang […]

All The World’s A Toilet

By Pang Khee Teik The Restroom Association of Singapore organised the inaugural World Toilet Summit last year. One of their aims was to remove the taboo: “People must feel free to talk about it in much the same way they may speak about other things like food or health.” Wild Rice’s staging of Malaysian Leow […]

In The Imperial Garden

By Jess C. You can always expect an element of innovation and surprise from Dama Orchestra. Whether it is ethnic and world music played by its six-piece Chinese orchestra or its well-loved theatrical presentation of Chinese golden oldies, Dama’s delightful showcases of high standard have never failed to attract audiences and rave reviews. After quite […]

SMORGASBORD: Crime, Poetry and Other Misdemeanours

By Amir Muhammad In the discussion after the screening of his film “The Poet and the Con” at the Actors Studio Theatre a few weeks ago, Eric Trules said that a Malaysian would “never” make something like it. He has not seen many Malaysian works at all, but his observation came about from living in […]

Young Directors Anonymous

By Pang Khee Teik After reading Antares’ gushy review of Chaotic Harmony’s production of Blithe Spirit late last year, I decided to go in April to watch their production of Shakespeare Schizophrenia, an attempted parody of the bard interspersed with plagiarised episodes of The Black Adder. The painful Mat Salleh accents, the clueless blocking and […]

Tuneful Treats at the DFP

By Cheryl Lim The Dewan Filharmonik Petronas’ (DFP) 01/02 Concert Season ended on a colourful note in late July with a musical drama and dance medley performed by the Petronas Performing Arts Group (PPAG). It was an exciting season, to say the least, with numerous guest artistes and orchestras coming to our shores to share with […]

Off Walls Off Pedestals di Akal di Ulu

By Nur Hanim Khairuddin Lagi kisah Akal di Ulu. Kali ini mengenai sebuah acara seni yang punya potensi besar untuk meninggalkan kesan di dalam sejarah perkembangan seni rupa tanahair. Pada 27 Julai 2002 , Akal di Ulu telah selamat dirasmikan sebagai ‘Art Tourism Landmark’ oleh YB Dato’ Ir. Lum Weng Keong, Exco Pelancongan Selangor. Acara […]

Everyone is Happy. Then Mahsuri Dies

By Pang Khee Teik Mahsuri dies. No surprises there. What led to her death, however, remains a debate. The origin of the 200-year­ old curse on Langkawi (seven generations of barrenness) has many variations, including one told by Tunku Abdul Rahman himself (who was responsible for discovering Mahsuri’s tombstone as well publicising the tale, when […]

Embun, Mona Atau Zakiah

By Faisal Tehrani Maafkan saya, kali ini saya tidak akan menulis kritikan teater, pratonton atau membincangkan isu seni dan budaya yang memberatkan kepala. Kali ini saya akan menulis mengenai rogol. Memang saya bukan pengkritik filem, saya akan melihat berdasar sorot mata seorang penonton dan anda boleh sahaja memberi pandangan yang lain. Kakiseni mengalu-alukan perbincangan sihat. […]

Burp… Simply Sedap!

By Antares Good home cooking imparts a marvellous sense of well-being. Who was it who defined patriotism as a fond memory of all the wonderful things we tasted in our childhood? Well, that makes Jit Murad a true patriot and an even truer playwright. Simply because he has a knack of serving up some timely […]

KERTAS KAJANG: Ke Mana Seni Orang Muda?

By Dhojee Dinihari, pukul dua pagi, kami menikmati teh tarik di Lotus Restaurant, Petaling Jaya. Entah macam mana saya dan Deni boleh gila berbicara tentang hala tuju karyawan muda dalam negara. Apa yang mendorong ke topik ini saya sendiri tidak pasti, sedangkan lazimnya lebih seronok kalau bergosip politik atau skandal artis. Pastinya penulis lelaki berdarah […]

Pass The Lauk, Please

by Cheryl Lim Man of many hats – actor, writer, stand-up comedian – Jit Murad returns to playwright mode with his fourth play, Spilt Gravy on Rice. With a blurb that touts it as “a comedy for those who like their laughs with an aftertaste”, this production features a talented ensemble cast led by stage […]

Not So Sweet But Really Quite Something

by Antares Gavin Yap may well be the best thing that’s happened to Malaysian theatre since The Actors Studio set up shop. And to prove it isn’t on account of his devastating good looks alone, the 24-year-old thespian has turned playwright with a high-powered exercise in neo-existentialism directed by that old master of in-your-face theatre, […]

Bharatanatyam Blues

By Antares I caught the 177th performance of Mahesh Dattani’s highly acclaimed living room drama, Dance Like A Man, at TAS Bangsar and enjoyed a glorious celebratory feast afterwards at Bangles, courtesy of the Indian High Commissioner. Primetime Theatre’s production of this intelligently crafted play has played in Edinburgh and New York, among other cities […]