Dancebox (December 2010)


The Actors Studio mempersembahkan Dancebox (December 2010)

Production Information

  • Production / Presenting Company:The Actor Studio/MyDance Alliance
  • Artistic Director / Curator / Programme Coordinator:Bilqis Hijjas
  • Date:December 11, 2010
  • Total Showing:4
  • Venue:The Actors Studio @ Lot 10
  • State:Kuala Lumpur

Individual Dance Items

Item #1

  • Title:Edge
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    ”There’s no thinking involved in my choreography… I don’t work through images or ideas. I work through the body… If the dancer dances, which is not the same as having theories about dancing or wishing to dance or trying to dance, everything is there. When, I dance, it means: this is what I am doing.” – Merce Cunningham

  • Choreographer:Yuska Tanaka
  • Category:Contemporary
  • Dancers:Yuka Tanaka, Bilqis Hijjas, Stephanie Lim, Janice Yong, Regina Joyce Toyad, Denise Tan
  • Composer:Blue Man Group

Item #2

  • Title:A Thousand Years.
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    A bond between two souls, which inevitable obstructions of death and different lifetimes, bodies and guises, cannot break.

  • Choreographer:Sofia Tengku Daud and Illia Surya Afifuddin
  • Category:Contemporary
  • Dancers:Sofia Tengku Daud and Illia Surya Afifuddin
  • Composer:Sting

Item #3

  • Title:Dedication
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    The dance is dedicated to my lover, in whom I place the greatest trust, who makes a tremendous impact on me in every aspect.

  • Choreographer:Leng Poh Gee
  • Category:Contemporary
  • Dancers:Nancy Ng Pei Yu, Lim Hooi Meng, Lee Lixin and Lim Shin Hui
  • Composer:the soundtrack, to 2046, and YiHou performed by Wakin

Item #4

  • Title:Mango
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    A development based on these two tracks of tango music and the idea of playing with the tango movement essence in a cotemporary ballet work. “Tanggo your manggo” – Phua Chu Kang

  • Choreographer:Suhaili Ahmad Kamil
  • Category:Contemporary
  • Dancers:Teo May Jean, Amelia Feroz, Nelly Chew and Janice Yong
  • Composer:John Powell and Gotan Project


  • Lighting Designer:Khairul Muphi