The Battle for Time and Space in Malaysia’s Narrowing Society

By Farish A. Noor ‘Power’ is not, and should not, be understood in a purely abstract sense. For ‘Power’ to manifest itself, it needs to be expressed in visible, even spectacular forms. Throughout humanity’s history, political power has been expressed through such spectacular excess: from public punishments to the visible cult of leadership embodied in […]

Quality Time

By Lee Jia Ping My mom and I were watching We Are Family, the third and most recent instalment of Chinese-language theatre series Chup! Take A Break by Need Entertainment. In the middle of the first sketch, a ‘silent’ play in which two actors playing a mommy monkey and a dying baby monkey were slowly […]

Kerajaan Merah

By Al-Mustaqeem Sir Ridley Scott! Dan kita membayangkan sebuah filem epik yang cemerlang seninya, dengan gerak kamera yang memukau; semburat darah, ceraian anggota-anggota tubuh manusia, kekasaran manusia, yang, anehnya, menghasilkan sinematografi yang indah; koreografi gerak yang cukup kemas untuk memaku penonton; perincian dalam prop dan kostum; dan, hampir pasti, kisah yang menarik. Kingdom of Heaven, […]

Moral Police in French Clothing

By Toni Kasim Talk about a cruel coincidence. While the cast of Tartuffe was preparing for opening night at The Actors Studio Bangsar, a woman in Cheras was being robbed at knifepoint in her home by a group of five men and women. The next day’s article, ‘Group using religion to rob’, said that the […]

The 2004 Special Awards

By Kakiseni THE MANDARIN ORIENTAL, KUALA LUMPUR MOST PROMISING ARTIST AWARD Prize of RM1,000, sponsored by Mandarin Oriental, and Tumasek Pewter Trophy Jerome Kugan Self-taught musician Jerome Kugan is known as a musical poet of bold, indelible imagery. He has written electronic music scores for various films, including Amir Muhammad’s Kamunting and Pangyau, and James […]

How to Make a Malaysian Quilt

By Lisa Ho A famous English conductor once said to a lady cellist: “Madam, you have, between your legs, an instrument capable of giving pleasure to thousands, and all you can do is scratch it!” I admit that after watching the concert Rapsodi Malaysia by the Petronas Performing Arts Group on Friday April 29 at […]

Kakiseni’s 50 Most Eligible Cronies

By Pang Khee Teik Controversy No.1: How could you hold the awards on the night of Cleo’s Bachelor Bash? The only serious competition to the 3rd Annual BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2004 on the evening of April 22, 2005, was Cleo’s Bachelor Bash at Zouk. It is a culmination of their annual 50 Most Eligible […]

Dancers on the Run

By Selvi Gopal During intermission, as people walk out for a toilet break or a hit of coffee, it is not uncommon to hear them whispering about the first half of whatever show they had just seen. There I was at the performance of Inside Out, squeezed between many ladies in their elaborate saris, and […]

You Are Not Alone

By Vanessa Surian The title didn’t inspire much confidence. A flaccid attempt at humour which I imagined would be replicated throughout the production. “eight” was fine. No bitchy remarks there. But: “(insert witty tagline here)”? Erm, I promised myself I wouldn’t do this but – (insert bitchy comment here). Nevermind. Whats in a name right? […]