Rose Chan The Musical?

By Pang Khee Teik Last week, I put up a poll asking people to vote for the Malaysian woman whose life story they think should be made into a musical. Out of the five names – Saloma, Siput Sarawak, Shamsiah Fakeh, Rose Chan and Mona Fandey – the majority (32%) chose Rose Chan, stripper and […]

Angels And Devils

By Kathy Rowland With The Passion of the Christ raking in millions, religion is clearly in again, and there are few Catholic Saints with the cross over appeal of the 16th century humanist, lawyer, writer, diplomat and statesman Sir Thomas More. The play based on the man, now canonised as a saint, has been a […]

Irish Extras For Hire

By Elaine Tan In between writing articles for Astro Magazine and posing with the Dutch Lady fibreglass Friesian cows at Section 14, PJ, the Irish Ambassador found himself submitting to a lunch with me. It wasn’t a light lunch. We were dissecting that tricky word ‘culture’. “During my childhood,” Dan Mulhall says, “Irish culture meant […]

Trash & The City

By Tan Sei Hon “This should be listed in the Malaysian book of records!” exclaimed the headwaiter of a fancy bistro located just beside Lot 10 shopping mall. He was referring to the performance art late last year by young visual artist Nuriman Amri bin Abdul Manap, a participant of Sonneratia, a youth art camp […]

Jeritan Hati…

By Nizam Zakaria Jeritan hati seorang wanita yang mencari kebahagiaan dalam segala kesulitan hidup boleh diperhatikan dalam Monolog Seorang Perempuan, salah sebuah dari empat monodrama yang dikumpulkan bawah tajuk Malam Satu Drama. Projek komersial sulung Mekar Budaya Production ini telah pun dipentaskan di MATIC pada Mac 26 dan 27. Jeritan wanita tersebut memang bukan satu […]

Singaporean Couplings

By Pang Khee Teik On a makeshift tent by the Singapore River, Stella Kon took her place behind the microphone. The 60-year-old playwright, looking as matriarchal as her creation, Emily of Emerald Hill, was about to do some serious poetry slam. Her theme this evening was inspired by the People’s Action Party’s early campaign speeches […]

Indy Rock Darlings

By Sonia Randhawa My heart sank when I walked into Paul’s Place and I heard the not-too-delicate strains of the Beatles’ Twist and Shout’. My last experience with a Beatles cover at Paul’s Place hadn’t ended well. The band was Triple 6 Poser, and the cover was good, but it wasn’t until they started on […]

No Political Agenda

By Elaine Tan The elections are over: BN is still the ruling party, the oppositions are still yelping, Anwar is still in prison, and DBKL still controls the increasingly pushover KL theatre scene. In the midst of this, The Actors Studio’s stages Robert Bolt’s A Man For All Seasons, a play based on the story […]

Girlfriend Dumps You For Actor?

By Antares Uncle Ant’s Agony and Ecstacy is a monthly column. Uncle Ant, or Agony Ant as we like to call him, will answer questions about anything to do with the world of arts, from how to maintain a soprano girlfriend, to how to pretend to be knowledgeable about paintings, to how to become a […]

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

By Pang Khee Teik I was wondering where our Malaysian volunteers were. There were supposed to be 50 of them. The play had begun. A lady lying on top of a metallic frame was reciting lines, in somewhat clipped Japanese accent, about waking up and doing things and searching for meaning within daily routines. On […]