Metaphorical Metamorphoses

By Jan Thornton The demands of his professional life would defeat most, but Ramli manages his kaleidoscopic commitments with apparent ease and is bemused when asked from where his energy comes. Whatever the source, his achievements are impressive and could never have been achieved without drive and dedication. The only clue to this organised dynamo is […]

SMORGASBORD: Lesson from Indonesia

By Amir Muhammad One of the highlights of the recently concluded Sarawak Millennium Film Festival was the screening of Kuldesak. This was an Indonesian film with much to offer us – not necessarily for its content, but the way it was made, and how its release widened the democratic space of culture. Kuldesak consists of four […]

Pete Teo: Malaysian Troubadour Poet

By JK It’s January 4, 2002, 11pm at No Black Tie. Pete Teo approaches the mic and plugs in his guitar. After introducing himself to the crowd, which had grown quieter, he plucks the opening chords of his first song, “Alive and Free”. Looking somewhat sombre and aloof, with eyes closed, Pete’s mouth opens and […]

Clamorous and Clever Clams

By Antares “Evolution began with Eve when she took the first bite of the forbidden fruit.”-A.N. Onymus (actually I just made it up) My mind is exploding with ribald puns after watching Joanna Bessey, Jerrica Lai and Renuka Veerasingam hurl themselves holeheartedly, I mean wholeheartedly into Hari Azizan’s boisterous dramatization of Eve Ensler’s phenomenally contagious […]

Return Of The Queen

By Antares There is no greater pleasure than seeing someone buck the trend and successfully transcend all cultural and racial boundaries. I first saw Rani Moorthy 13 years ago in a Singapore production of Strindberg’s Miss Julie. Her performance was worthy of note and I had a strong feeling that someday this feisty young lady would […]

Sekretariat Penulis Muda Ditubuhkan

By Faisal Tehrani Penulis-penulis muda sastera Melayu yang memiliki pelbagai idealisme, mazhab dan fahaman serta sukar pula untuk duduk semeja mungkin akan mempunyai satu sekretariat sendiri dengan perhatian khusus pimpinan tertinggi GAPENA (Gabungan Penulis Nasional Malaysia), Tan Sri Ismail Hussein. Adalah tidak dapat dipastikan dan masih samar bagaimana penulis-penulis muda yang mempunyai bermacam-macam entiti sendiri […]

Feasting on Limp Biscuits

By Antares How does one review a tin of assorted biscuits? That’s essentially what anthologies of Asian short stories are: snacks for the avid reader of post-colonial literature. Welcome relief to someone stranded in an intellectual desert perhaps – but not exactly a satisfying meal for the enquiring mind or the soul in search of […]


By Amir Muhammad I recently gave an interview on the subject of the upcoming Sarawak Millennium Film Festival in my capacity of Festival Advisor. What does a Festival Advisor do? Well, he helps to pick the movies, he gives interviews and, most importantly, he gets a free plane ticket to Kuching! The interviewer looked at the […]

Berhari Raya Di Rumah Wardina

By Faisal Tehrani Masih dalam Syawal kita, sebulan berhari raya, membawa ke kediaman Wardina Saffiyah Fadhullah. Antara bintang yang menghiasi filem Lagi Lagi Senario (ditayangkan sempena musim Aidilfitri), Wardina melakukan kejutan dengan menutup aurat, di mana secara tipikalnya dipercayai membataskan peluang seseorang artis wanita untuk berkecimpung dalam bidangnya ini. Mencapai status populariti yang tinggi kini, Wardina […]