A Modern Woman Called Ang Tau Mui 一個名叫紅豆妹的摩登師奶 (2018)


People say life is like a dream,
She says a dream is like life,
There is joy and celebration,
There is sorrow and grief,
When awaken from a dream, she has come to the end of life….

Ang Tau Mui, a toilet cleaner, has been idolizing Lin Dai since young. As a working-class woman, she has always yearned to shine on stage just as Lin Dai. Ang Tau Mui has been striving in the tangible reality; from one place to the other, running and searching, speaking and confiding with people and herself. While traversing between reality and dream, she returns to her childhood house, rests in a kopitiam, catches a movie in a cinema, rides on the mini bus, and finally, she stops at an old temple. Trailing after Lin Dai’s songs, her captivating yet poignant story has come to an end….





  • Playwright:Leow Puay Tin 廖培珍
  • Company Name:Pentas Project Theatre Production平台計劃/劇團
  • Date:2018, July 25~29
  • Total Showing:6
  • Venue:The PlayHaus, Pearl Shopping Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
  • Language:Cantonese
  • Ticket Prices:RM68 (Adult), RM58 (Student, Senior,Disabled)
  • Director:Loh Kok Man 羅國文
  • Composer:Music & Sound Design : Terence Chong 張俊開
  • Lighting Designer:Loh Kok Man 羅國文
  • Set Designer:Loh Kok Man 羅國文
  • Costume Designer:Michell Yong 楊淑棻
  • Multimedia Designer:Fairuz Sulaiman
  • Additional Designer:Graphic Design : Tree Egg Plt
  • Principal Cast:

    Tammi Tam 譚小虹 + Thian Siew Kim 鄧綉金

  • Producer:Pam Lim 林偉彬 + See Soon Eng 施順榮
  • Stage Manager:Jaslyn Niow
  • Publicist:Checkmate Creative (Mon Lim + Maggie Ong + Anielle Ng)
  • Additional Notes:

    Administrative Secretary : John Wong
    Chinese Copywriting : Lee Hong Lian
    English Copywriting : Valarie Chian