The Human Exhibit: Mentalhealth (2018)


Like a fine art gallery but with people instead.

‘The Human Exhibit: Mentalhealth’ is a new performance art style that I’M Entertainment is exploring. Curated by Ian Nathaniel and Dhinesha, this performance art will be themed MENTALHEALTH. As part of the instagram and facebook movement Dear Mental Health (#DearMentalHealth), this human exhibit aims to raise awareness for mental health and to abolish the stigma. What exactly is this? Think fine art gallery. ‘The Human Exhibit’ is one journey that the audience will take to watch different representations of certain mental illnesses. Instead of looking at paintings/sculptures, there will be a human representation of the mental illness in the form of dance, spoken word, dialogue, scene, movement, etc. Each performance will take place at different parts of Twenty20Two (kitchen, toilet, dressing room, etc)

Pada masa ini tidak ada sinopsis untuk program ini


  • Playwright:Curated by Ian Nathaniel, Dhinesha
  • Original Local Script:Yes
  • Company Name:I’M Entertainment
  • Date:25 January – 4 February, 2018
  • Total Showing:45
  • Venue:Twenty20Two
  • Language:English, Other
  • Ticket Prices:RM35
  • Principal Cast:

    Speak City Asia (Swit Marie & Melissa Kong), Green-Eyed Monster Project, Theyvapaalan S Jayaratnam, Samuel Tin, Poet X (Azam Rais, Taufiq Salleh, Waslie Duby, Eksperi:terra, Nabilah Hamid, Nana, Helena Foo, Malin Faisal, Nisya Aziz, Ashvinder Kaur

  • Executive Producer:Michelle Tan
  • Producer:Ian Nathaniel, Dhinesha
  • Production Manager:Assistant Production Manager – Jonathan Sim
  • Stage Manager:Jonathan Sim
  • Publicist:Social Media Manager – Ranessa Theyakaraja