In One Boat (2018)



– a form of interactive theatre that invites the spectators to experiment their ideas in dealing with topical issues such as specific illnesses, relationships, discrimination, migration etc.
– started in 1997 by Bernard Grosjean, a French director who was inspired by Boal’s concept of Theatre of the Oppressed.
– this form of theatre is introduced to Malaysia by Grégory Henno, a protege of Grosjean.
– a typical Exchange Theatre performance contains 3 main parts
1) actors play scenes modelled after real-life situations
2) spectators are invited to discuss and debate, based on the scenes they have just watched
3) actors play the same scenes again. This time the spectators can halt the scene at any point, come on stage and try to clear the blockages in the problematic situations.


One of KLSP’s mission is to develop and engage with young audience. With our Shakespeare Demystified series, we have travelled to various public and international schools in Malaysia, giving a lot of students their first and positive experience with theatre and Shakespeare. The growing number of our audience is a proof that our effort is yielding fruits.
Through Exchange Theatre, we wish to connect with the young audience on a different level. By focusing on issues directly related to them, and inviting them to actively try out their ideas, we offer them a safe yet fun space for discourse.
We are not here to “teach” them how to confront an issue. We encourage them to learn through actions of their own and their peers, and to reflect on the possible consequences.


We are currently collaborating with Henno in training a group of actors on Exchange Theatre, in order to be ready for a series of shows at a local school. The topic requested is: Bullying.

This showcase gives the actors involved opportunity to try out what they’ve learned with live audience. It is also a way to introduce this theatre form to Malaysian audience, who for the most part are unfamiliar with it.

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  • Playwright:Grégory Henno
  • Original Local Script:Yes
  • Company Name:KL Shakespeare Players
  • Date:13 – 15 April, 2018
  • Total Showing:3
  • Venue:RUANG by Think City
  • Language:English
  • Ticket Prices:Free Admission
  • Director:Grégory Henno
  • Principal Cast:

    Lim Kien Lee, Ivan Chan, Safia Hanifah, Ali Alasri, Zul Zamir, Sandee Chew, Nave VJ, Stephen Megam

  • Producer:KL Shakespeare Players
  • Publicist:KL Shakespeare Players
  • Additional Notes:

    Jurulatih / Coach – Grégory Henno