The Music Boy With Red Balloon 紅氣球上的音樂男孩 (2017)


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  • Playwright:Ho Mun Hann 何文翰
  • Original Local Script:Yes
  • Company Name:Good News ArtSpace 好事發生工作室
  • Date:2017, September 1~3 & October 21 & 22
  • Total Showing:7  (2017, September 1~3)
  • Venue:Now Theatre (2017, September 1~3)
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM30 (Adult), RM28 (Kids below 12 year old) – Now Theatre
  • Director:Ho Mun Hann 何文翰
  • Composer:Music & Sound Design : Niko Hiew Yun Neng 邱蕴能, Tracy Pua 潘珂欣
  • Set Designer:Daddy Plg Asia
  • Costume Designer:Camile Yo 李惠珍
  • Additional Designer:Graphic Design : Angela Tee 鄭美珊
  • Stage Crew:Winstion Liew, Lee Chin fang, Alvin Chan, Yap Chiw Yi, Jeff Lai, Alvin Chan, Song Yong Hong
  • Principal Cast:

    Niko Hiew Yun Neng 邱蕴能, Tracy Pua 潘珂欣, Camile Yo 李惠珍, Vins 楊逸驊

  • Ensemble:

    Musicians: Soul Impact

  • Producer:Niko Hiew Yun Neng 邱蕴能, Ho Mun Hann 何文翰, Louis Soong (Re-stage)
  • Stage Manager:Camile Yo 李惠珍
  • Publicist:Niko Hiew Yun Neng 邱蕴能,
  • Other Information:

    Production Assistant: Cheong Jia En 張嘉恩
    Photographer: Neil Yee Wei