Heard Of Nomad’s Folk Song In The Lost City 鋼骨森林的遊牧之歌 (2011)


This story happens in a city. One day during the busy peak working hour, a group of seemingly unrelated strangers were travelling in a subway to the terminal. They were conspiring a terrorist plan. When the subway arrived at the main terminal where most of the people gathered at the moment, they would follow the instructions from the secret planner to attack…

Three days before the incident, a helpless old woman from the countryside suddenly broke into the city, searching for her son who had not contact her for a long time. The helpless old woman could not accept the grotesque and bizarre phenomenon in the city, and yet she met a bunch of strange acting people in the city…




  • Playwright:Eugene Ng 黃商權, Tan Chee Ken 陳志堅, Simon Lee 李美潣, Kenneth Wong 王冠庭, Ceci Yong 楊詩詩, Chester Chang 張禎南, Noah Yap 葉國文
  • Original Local Script:Yes
  • Company Name:Eutopia Theatre 悠拓幫劇場
  • Date:2011, April 29 ~ May 1
  • Total Showing:6
  • Venue:Black Box, MAP @ Publika, Kuala Lumpur
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM28, RM20
  • Director:Eugene Ng 黃商權
  • Composer:Kenneth Wong 王冠庭
  • Lighting Designer:Eagle Lee 李明傑
  • Set Designer:Vince Leong 梁維池
  • Costume Designer:Noah Yap 葉國文
  • Multimedia Designer:Max Chong 莊凱偉
  • Additional Designer:Graphic Design : TREE EGG
  • Principal Cast:

    Quito Yang 甯振洋, Ceci Yong 楊詩詩, Jacklyn Tan 陳凌嫣, Jinnie Lim 林敬雯,Barbara Koh 辜思盈, Joanne Teh 鄭喬謙, Vince Leong 梁維池, Dans Sim 沈定興, Noah Yap 葉國文, Berry Chan 陳佩莉, Shawn Lim 林勇豪, Joey Chua 蔡祖兒, Paz Lim 林美欣, Emily Ong 王思思, Easee Gan 顏永禎

  • Producer:AK Siah 謝正科
  • Stage Manager:Simon Lee 李美潣
  • Publicist:Jinnie Lim 林敬雯,Barbara Koh 辜思盈