When Thou Art King | The Birthday Party (1972)


The British Council in association with Rajalingam Productions presents the Royal Lyceum Theatre Company of Edinburgh in When Thou Art King | The Birthday Party

British Council dengan kerjasama Rajalingam Productions mempersembahkan produksi Royal Lyceum Theatre Company of Edinburgh When Thou Art King | The Birthday Party


  • Playwright:“When Thou Art King” adapted and devised by John Barton from Henry IV by William Shakespeare | “The Birthday Party” by Harold Pinter
  • Original Local Script:No
  • Company Name:Royal Lyceum Theatre Company
  • Date:21 – 24 June, 1972
  • Total Showing:4
  • Venue:KL Town Hall/Panggung Bandaraya
  • Language:English
  • Director:Richard Eyre
  • Choreographer:Fight scenes arranged by Hans Mater
  • Lighting Designer:Rory Dempster, operated by Russ Vogel
  • Set Designer:John Halle
  • Costume Designer:Lorraine McKee
  • Additional Designer:Swords made by Hans Mater
  • Property Master:Wardrobe Mistress: Jenny Macfie, assisted by Signe Syme, Maureen Sidhu, Mavis Edema, Barbara McDonald
  • Stage Crew:Ernest Edema, Tom Crow, Guy Edema, Stephen Knecht
  • Principal Cast:

    Christopher Benjamin as Sir John Falstaff
    Anthony May as Prince Hal
    Edward Jewesbury as King Henry IV

  • Ensemble:

    James Grant, James Cairncross, Ralph Nossek, Michael Burrell, Michael Elphick, Gerald Ashby, Thelma Whiteley, Zoe Wanamaker, Selina Lucas

  • Production Manager:Peter Wiles
  • Stage Manager:Elizabeth Ashwell, assisted by Gerald Ashby