Metamorphosis (2002)


The Actors Studio presents Metamorphosis

The Actors Studio mempersembahkan Metamorphosis


  • Playwright:Franz Kafka (Adapted by Steven Berkoff)
  • Company Name:The Actors Studio
  • Date:January, 2002
  • Language:English
  • Director:Christopher Jacobs
  • Lighting Designer:Christopher Jacobs
  • Set Designer:Martin Beaton & Steven Berkoff
  • Additional Designer:Graphic: Christopher Jacobs
  • Stage Crew:Sound: Donald LimLighting: Ee Chee Wei
  • Principal Cast:

    Ramli Ibrahim as Gregor Samsa
    Lim Soon Heng as Cheif Clerk/ Lodger
    Spike Selva as Mr Samsa
    Sabera Shaik as Mrs Samsa
    Mary George as Greta Samsa

  • Executive Producer:Faridah Merican
  • Production Manager:Teoh Ming Jin
  • Stage Manager:Tan Eng Heng
  • Publicist:Raveen Purba & Teoh Ming Jin
  • Other Information:

    Movement Coach: Tina Sergeant
    Voice Coach: Sandy Phillips