Lawyers, Lovers + Chicken Curry (1998)


Five Arts Centre and The Actors Studio present Lawyers, Lovers + Chicken Curry

A Director’s Workshop presentation of: My Grandmother’s Chicken Curry & … devised by Charlene Rajendran and cast | Mergers and Acquisitions by Eleanor Wong | A Language of Their Own by Chay Yew

Five Arts Centre dan The Actors Studio mempersembahkan Lawyers, Lovers + Chicken Curry

Penyampaian Bengkel Pengarah: My Grandmother’s Chicken Curry & … dicipta oleh Charlene Rajendran dan pelakon | Mergers and Acquisitions oleh Eleanor Wong | A Language of Their Own oleh Chay Yew


  • Playwright:“My Grandmother’s Chicken Curry & …” devised by Charlene Rajendran and cast | “Mergers and Acquisitions” by Eleanor Wong | “A Language of Their Own” by Chay Yew
  • Original Local Script:Yes | No | No
  • Company Name:Five Arts Centre and The Actors Studio
  • Date:July/August, 1998
  • Language:English
  • Director:“My Grandmother’s Chicken Curry & …”: Charlene Rajendran | “Mergers and Acquisitions”: Anne James | “A Language of Their Own”: Wilson Wong
  • Composer:Penny Low
  • Lighting Designer:Mervyn Peters
  • Set Designer:Wong Hoy Cheong, Azaiddy Abdullah
  • Additional Designer:Programme Book Design: 3nity
  • Principal Cast:

    “My Grandmother’s Chicken Curry & …”: Mohd Arifwaran as Adnan; Jerrica Lai as Siew Fong; Deanaharan Nair as Davindran | “Mergers and Acquisitions”: Pearlly Chua as Lesley Ryan; Chee Sek Thim as Jonathan Chin; Simone Andrea Singh as Mary Okada; Ida Mariana as Ellen Toh | “A Language of Their Own”: Edwin Sumun as Ming; Iskandar Najmuddin as Robert; Lennard Gui as Daniel; Seng Onn Loong as Oscar

  • Producer:Marion D’Cruz
  • Artistic Director:Krishen Jit
  • Production Manager:Simon Yap | Assistant Production Manager: Adeline Chong
  • Stage Manager:June Tan | Assistant Stage Managers: Teh Wee Tee, Kho Ning Yuk
  • Publicist:Lim How Ngean
  • Other Information:

    According to the programme, for the Directors’ Worskhop, “Krishen Jit will work with 3 young directors in developing their styles and techniques for directing. The workshop will culminate in three short performances.”