Big River (1998)


Set in 1900, the action takes place in the family home “Wombelano” set on the banks of a large, busy Australian river, the Murray. The father’s death is the catalyst for the drama unfolding within the Hindmarsh family.

This is the time of Federation – when the separate Australian States decided to become one nation under a Federal Government. The themes of unification, evolution and passion are developed through the lives and loves of all the characters.

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  • Playwright:Alexander Buzo
  • Company Name:The Actors Studio
  • Date:17 April – 3 May 1998
  • Total Showing:15
  • Venue:The Actors Studio Theatre, Plaza Putra, Dataran Merdeka
  • Language:English
  • Ticket Prices:RM15, RM25
  • Director:Pauline Mary Furlong
  • Composer:Sunetra Fernando
  • Lighting Designer:Mervyn Peters, Lighting Assistant – Ng Wei Hock
  • Set Designer:Production Designer – Lee Swee Keong
  • Costume Designer:Roberta Shaw, Wardrobe Mistress – Marina Ann Abdullah, Wardrobe Assistant – Wong Li Yean
  • Additional Designer:Sound Designer – Alvin Tan, Sound Assistant – Danny Ng, Graphic Designer – James Lee
  • Stage Crew:Stage hand – Chong Eu Pui
  • Principal Cast:

    Faridah Merican, Maria Christina Orow, Mary George, Mark Stephen Felix, Susan Joseph, Ako Mustapha, Lane Crockett, Stuart Greenfield, Iskandar Najmuddin, Joanna Bessey, Julina Osman Khan

  • Executive Producer:Faridah Merican
  • Producer:Assistant Producer – Teoh Ming Jin
  • Artistic Director:Joe Hasham
  • Stage Manager:Natasha Mustapha, Assistant Stage Manager – Pat Gui
  • Publicist:Teoh Ming Jin
  • Other Information:

    Technical Director – Mervyn Peters