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Of Boys and Breath Mints

By Yasmin Zetti Martin What kind of school has toughening-up camps that they force their “effeminate” students to attend? The kind of school located in front of a railway station that is known as a red light district? Or is this just the school playwright Shanon Shah went to? The school in question is the […]

  • Azwan Ismail
    Azwan Ismail
  • July 11, 2008

Bebas Dari Onani

By Hishamuddin Rais It is easier to dominate someone if they are unaware of being dominated. Colonised and colonisers both know that domination is not just based on physical supremacy. Control of hearts and minds follows military conquest. Which is why any empire that wants to last must capture the souls of its subjects. – […]

  • Azwan Ismail
    Azwan Ismail
  • March 1, 2006

Sarong Party Beruk

By Hishamuddin Rais Kehidupan dunia moden semakin mengasak kita. Mata kita akan terus dikelilingi oleh imej, gambar, ikon, logo atau papan-papan tanda. Kota-kota kita berselirat dengan papan tanda dan papan iklan. Ada pelbagai imej yang terpaksa kita hadapi. Ada papan iklan yang didirikan sehinggakan anak mata kita tidak dapat mengelak melainkan memandang atau membaca iklan […]

  • Azwan Ismail
    Azwan Ismail
  • February 6, 2006