Touch – A Contemporary Dance Concert 触——当代舞演出 (1994)


Production Information

  • Production / Presenting Company:Selangor Kwangsi Association (Youth Division) Dance Troupe
  • Artistic Director / Curator / Programme Coordinator:Mew Chang Tsing
  • Date:25 – 25 June 1994
  • Total Showing:2; NB: A total of 8 individual pieces were performed.
  • State:Selangor

Individual Dance Items

Item #1

  • Title:Visit 风过
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    You came and went like a wind blowing through. Do you know I was insane?
    你来     你去     风过     疯过     我疯过

  • Choreographer:Woon Fook Sen 文复生
  • Category:Contemporary dance
  • Dancers:邹佩云等 Chaw Pei Yuan and dancers.
  • Composer:Music : Kitaro

Item #2

  • Title:From Remembrance 记
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    No Blame
    No Tears
    No Reminiscence
    But Facts are to be faced!


  • Choreographer:Chan Yi Jing 陈宜今
  • Category:Contemporary dance
  • Dancers:Chan Yi Jing 陈宜今
  • Composer:Music : 朱啸林

Item #3

  • Title:The Starving Ghosts 饿鬼
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Suddenly,  the starving ghosts emerge.

    忽然     出现一群荒山恶鬼。

  • Choreographer:Lee Swee Keong 李瑞强
  • Category:Contemporary dance
  • Dancers:广西舞蹈员 Kwangsi dancers.
  • Composer:Music : Hell Screen

Item #4

  • Title:Flower and Sword 花与剑之“三角”
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Once upon a time, Adam told Eve: “I can go with you, but my pal must come along” Eve listened and secretly delighted.


  • Choreographer:Lee Swee Keong 李瑞强
  • Category:Contemporary dance
  • Dancers:缪长青 Mew Chang Tsing, 雷金佑 Loi Chin Yu, 陈宜今 Chan Yi Jing.
  • Composer:Music : M. Butterfly / Lucia Hwong
  • Other Information:

    Makeup:杨国忠 Charles Jong.
    Hair : Eddie Chooi.

Item #5

  • Title:Few Minutes will do 让我自由几分钟
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Please allow me to dance anyway. I wish just for a few minutes. O.K?

  • Choreographer:Chan Yi Jing 陈宜今
  • Category:Contemporary dance
  • Dancers:Chan Yi Jing and dancers.
  • Composer:Music : Jean Michel Jarre

Item #6

  • Title:Next Step 另一步
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Next Step, a next step for you.

  • Choreographer:Jane Lew 刘秀珍
  • Category:Contemporary dance
  • Dancers:刘秀珍 Jane Lew, 雷金佑 Loi Chin Yu.
  • Composer:Music : Alwin Nikolais

Item #7

  • Title:Land of Dream 梦土
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    I dream of this land,
    where people work hard with their hands.
    They would offer their lives for the rainbow.
    Rainbow connected generations,
    generations to generations.


  • Choreographer:Mew Chang Tsing 缪长青
  • Category:Contemporary dance
  • Dancers:何美仪 Hoh May Yee,  邹佩云 Chaw Pei Yuan, 黄盈璐等 Wong Weng Ruh and dancers.
  • Composer:Music : Lucia Hwong

Item #8

  • Title:But, I’m pregnant 但是,我怀孕了
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    I love my parents and I love my pals……………..

  • Choreographer:Mew Chang Tsing 缪长青
  • Category:Contemporary dance
  • Dancers:缪长青 Mew Chang Tsing, 邹佩云 Chaw Pei Yuan,  李瑞强 Lee Swee Keong,、陈宜今 Chan Yi Jing, 刘秋冕 Lau Chew Mane、何美仪 Hoh May Yee, 符传利 Galvin Foo.
  • Composer:Music : Isabella Pek


  • Production Crew:Front of House: 陈志祥、李育明、李瑞强、雷金佑; Backstage: 温泰洲
  • Executive Producer:[Executive Chairman] 工委会主席:李照凡; [Deputy Chairman] 副主席:杨天生、黄勇森
  • Producer:[Chairman] 大会主席:崔国文
  • Additional Notes:
    Troupe dancers: 曾秀清 Chan Siew Ching, 刘秋冕 Lau Chew Mane, 吴忠良 Ng Chong Leong, 陈宜今 Chan Yi Jing, 李瑞强 Lee Swee Keong, 伍观玲 Ng Kum Len, 邹佩云 Chaw Pei Yuan,  李达钧 Lee Tait Kwan, 吴玉佩 Ng Yoke Pei, 张美珍 Chon Mee Chin, 梁芳慧 Leong Fang Hui, 陈敃豫 Tan Beng Ee, 钟国文 Choong Kok Mun, 刘秀珍 Jane Lew Siew Ting, 陈文龙 Tan Boon Ling, 符传利 Foo Chwan Lee, 刘伟航 Lew Wai Hong, 陈淑贞 Tan Seok Chin, 何美仪 Hoh May Yee, 林若诗 Lim Jor Sze, 黄添娣 Wong Thien Thai, 侯秀兰 How Siew Lan, 林若仪 Lim Jor Yi, 黄盈璐 Wong Weng Ruh, 侯秀妮 How Siew Nee, 雷金佑 Loi Chin Yu, 文复生 Woon Fook Sen, 杨采芳  Jong Chai Fong, 林开玲 Lum Lee Chin, 叶莉莉 Yap Li Li.