Are ‘Theatre Baargers’ Elitists?

By Antares Uncle Ant’s Agony and Ecstasy is a monthly column. Uncle Ant will answer questions about anything to do with the world of arts, from how to maintain a soprano girlfriend, to how to pretend to be knowledgeable about paintings, to how to become a soprano girlfriend. Uncle Ant has an answer for everything. […]

Island Fever

By Jerome Kugan You know what? I’m sick of reviewing. So, instead of a review, I’ve decided to write eight poems, each inspired by watching the eight short plays that made up Alfian Sa’at’s latest offering, Landmarks: Asian Boys Vol.2 (directed by Ivan Heng for W!ld Rice) which recently ended its sold out premiere run […]

Wildfire and Teargas

By Shanon Shah There was a moment during Rhythm in Bronze: Wujud Antara that struck lightning through history. It was when the shigu drums in the instrumental piece written by Tan Sooi Beng broke into an explosion of thunderstorms and cracks. The piece entitled ‘Perubahan’, the audience was told, was written in 1999, in the […]

Xenophobia, Necrophilia and Nostalgia

By Pang Khee Teik Marriage of Inconvenience: Playing Doctor It is always amusing when a country decides that its special brand of multi-racial harmony is only special for its own races. Malaysians, muhibbah as we are, tend to stop at the gates of globalisation and cast our collective disapproval on migrant workers. We blame them […]

Making Bahasa Indonesia Sexy

By Amir Muhammad We’ve all heard the joke about the Polish starlet who went to Hollywood and tried to get ahead by sleeping with a screenwriter. It’s no longer PC to identify a whole nationality with dumbness, but the underlying point about the essential powerlessness of the man or woman who writes for the screen […]

Highlight This In Orange!

By Toni Kasim If you haven’t kept up with the brouhaha over Five Arts Centre’s permit to stage Election Day, do read Pang Khee Teik’s write-up Dealing with DBKL. Election Day, written by Huzir Sulaiman, directed by Krishen Jit, and performed solely by Jo Kukathas, eventually made it to opening night. It is due to […]

Thespians Anonymous

By Antares What happens when you pick 12 actors with varying degrees of experience and skill, put them on stage, and let them take turns telling personal stories and airing their private feelings about being Malaysian? I imagine it would be a colourful but chaotic hotchpotch. But what if you videotaped more than 200 hours […]

Isteri Bekerja Punca Perceraian

By Uthaya Sankar SB “Iruvar akan mengajak kita berfikir.” Kata-kata itu sudah cukup untuk membuatkan saya berminat menonton drama pentas (teater?) berkenaan di lstana Budaya, Jalan Tun Razak pada 7 Februari 2004. Kebetulan, persembahan pada hari berkenaan adalah dalam Bahasa Tamil. Maka, saya berpeluang menonton drama pentas Tamil dalam Bahasa Tamil. Harapan yang saya letakkan pada […]

Dr. Mahathir’s Name Not Allowed?

By Fahmi Fadzil Note: According to Five Arts Centre producer Marion D’Cruz, Election Day has been given a “verbal approval” by the Licensing Department of DBKL to proceed with its performance at The Actors Studio Bangsar from Thursday Feb 12 to Saturday Feb 28. *** Datuk Bandar Y.Bhg. Kol. Datuk Mohmad b Mohd Taufek 9th […]

Follow The Cute Young Punks

By Sonia Randhawa Where to begin with Urbanscapes? Even before reaching the venue, a vibe could be felt from within KL Sentral station. An unusual number of cute young punks. Lots of guitars, lots of black. And a wall of music, emanating from God-only-knows where. Follow the cute young punks, crossing two thankfully deserted roads, […]

Kemunculan Kembali Seorang Diva

By Nizam Zakaria Malaysia Theatre Awards: Waterworks Tatkala saya pergi untuk mendapatkan tiket untuk menonton pementasan Dejavu, saya dapati tiket hampir habis. Keadaan dalam teater hampir penuh. Tatkala pementasan ingin dimulakan, masih terdapat beberapa penonton yang dibiarkan masuk dan duduk di atas lantai. Jarang benar rasanya saya melihat sebuah pementasan yang mendapat sambutan begitu hangat […]

Teachers, Mothers & Sugar Daddies

By Pang Khee Teik Malaysia Theatre Awards: Waterworks If you think the Chinese-language theatre in Malaysia is a tad melodramatic, you should have seen their awards show last Saturday Jan 31 at Matic. It seems that we cry at just about anything, whether suffering or celebrating or sitting down absolutely unprovoked. Leading the waterworks was […]