I Have Discovered My Vagina!

By Pang Khee Teik Four sunny Saturdays ago, I was invited to an open house at the Universiti Putra Malaysia’s Rumah Teater. Rohaizad Suaidi, who is the entire Theatre Department at UPM, was flustered: the food was late, the people were plenty and hungry, and maneuvering about the small corridor required balletic coordination. But you […]

They inspired Picasso, will they inspire you?

By Kakiseni You may have seen them in interior design shops around Kuala Lumpur. Slick, unusual, primitive and very contemporary at the same time, they are sculptures from Zimbabwe introduced to Malaysia by a Zimbabwean couple, Mary Jane and Charles Cormack, who wanted to share their love for their country. They are also the sculptures […]

A Survival Course For Creativity in a Hostile Environment

By Tan Sei Hon Last September, twenty five arts students met in the woods of Taman Alam in Kuala Selangor for a five day workshop entitled “sonneratia”. As a botanical aside, sonneratia is the scientific name for the ‘Berembang’ trees that grows in the wild in the mangrove forests of Kuala Selangor. It produces an […]

Life From A Child’s Perspective

By Lizzie Yeoh Recently in Galeri Petronas, an exhibition of selected photographs of Malaysia was curated by renowned Malaysian photographer, Eric Peris. The exhibition, Through the Eyes of a Child, had unknowingly become one of the most notable exhibitions of year 2003, winning praises from distinguished individuals and leading newspapers in the country. There was […]

All The World’s A Stage

By Kathy Rowland John Bell AM OBE, Artistic Director of The Bell Shakespeare Company took some time off his busy schedule to share with Kakiseni readers some insights on the Bard and Australian theatre. Shakespeare has a long history on the Australian stage. Is Bell Shakespeare the first ever national-level company expressly dedicated to staging […]

Secangkir latte bersama Dr Mohd Anis Md Nor

By Adam Tuan Mukriz Adakah anda berpuas hati dengan sambutan orang awam terhadap MyDance Festival 2003? Jika berbicara dari segi matlamat, [sambutan terhadap] MyDance Festival adalah lebih dari memuaskan. Memang pada awalnya kami tidak terfikir untuk menjadikan festival ini sebagai satu upacara yang besar memandangkan tenaga kerja yang ada [kurang mencukupi]. Namun saya bangga kerana […]

Siddharta: Satu Pengalaman Yang Mengasyikkan

By Nizam Zakaria Terlebih dahulu, sebelum meneruskan ulasan drama tari Siddhartha ini, saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih yang tidak terhingga kepada Jenny, Editor Kakiseni.com yang telah menguruskan jemputan terhadap wakil Kakiseni.com. ke pertunjukan perdana ‘Siddhartha’. Saya rasa begitu beruntung, kerana berkesempatan menonton satu persembahan yang baik dan mampu menyentuh perasaan. Siddhartha pada asalnya merupakan sebuah […]

A Truly Asian Siddharta

By Nizam Zakaria I’d got myself free tickets to Linkin Park’s concert and had the choice between that or attending the gala premiere of Siddharta, a dance-drama piece by Teater Cahaya, based upon a novel by the same name written by Nobel prize-winning (1946) German author Hermann Hesse. I chose the latter – even though […]

Whither Local Theatre?

By Jit Murad Dear Kakisenians, It has made me want to simply give up. After all these years of working and playing in our little patch of local theatre, I’m stunned to be witnessing a concerted, if predictable, effort by City Hall and its PuppetMasters, to: a) Wrest control of, b) Neutralize, c) Kill, d) […]

Usaha Para Sekutu

By MR Al-Mustaqeem Ex-Siasah Editor, MR Al-Mustaqeem joins Kakiseni’s stable of roving writers with an article which has the scoop on a new Black Box theatre venue, a new theatre company featuring some of the hottest, and most talented theatre folk in KL and a spanking new play “Saksi” written by an ensemble which includes Uwei […]

Melihat Kerenah Budaya Korporat

By Nizam Zakaria Kali terakhir saya menonton sebuah persembahan teater dwi-bahasa di The Actors Studio, Bangsar adalah persembahan teater Causeway hasil tulisan Alfian Sa’at dari Singapura, seorang penulis yang amat-amat saya kagumi. Semalam, saya telah berpeluang pula untuk menyaksikan pratonton teater Harakiri, hasil tulisan Dina Zaman, juga seorang penulis yang amat-amat saya hormati. Tatkala menonton […]

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Plagiarised

By Pang Khee Teik Dina Zaman, writer for Marie Claire and former script editor and veteran of the rough and tumble world of corporate Malaysia, is finally staging her play, Harakiri, a satire on office life based on her experiences at the latter. The play, presented by Chakra Works and directed by R. Rajen, will […]