Look Out, Here Comes Another Rave!

By Antares How much does a minister get paid? RM9,000 a month? RM15,000? Okay, let’s say RM12,000. How much in kickbacks? Hmmm. Well, I’d be willing to take on a ministerial post for a year or so, just so I can make sure the Gamelan Club gets it own gamelan, instead of having to rent […]

Siapa Kena Sekolah?

By Faisal Tehrani Senarai panjang Dato Jins Shamsudin di dalam buku cenderamata tidak dapat menolong pementasan Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! (selepas ini Merdeka 3) dari 18 hingga 6 September 2002 yang lalu. Drama Istana Budaya yang dinamai sebagai ‘drama patriotik’ (saya tidak jelas apa yang dimaksudkan dengan istilah ini) pada mulanya sepanjang lebih lima jam (cubaan […]

A Bland But Wholesome And Morally Correct Music Fable

by Antares “Once upon a time, Kingdom Earth was a beautiful and joyful place with a noble emperor on the throne. Until Evil descended…” So begins the narrative, read by Liau Siau Suan, who also sings a rich baritone as The Emperor. In Chinese the character for “emperor” consists of three horizontal lines connected by a single vertical stroke, representing the […]

Good Going Despite Shortcomings

by Antares Chaotic Harmony Theatre is certainly not short on energy and enthusiasm, going by the number of productions this young company has staged since its inception about a year ago. The latest was a collection of four one-act plays called Shorts (what else?), featuring two original works by David Lim and Ho Sui-Jim. The […]