Ada Apa Dengan Bahasa Melayu?

By Faisal Tehrani Tulisan ini tidak bertujuan untuk mengkritik membabi buta melainkan untuk membincangkan lebih lanjut isu perlaksanaan bahasa lnggeris di peringkat sekolah sambil meminta supaya pihak tertentu menimbang semula kedudukan bahasa Melayu supaya ia benar-benar berfungsi. Justeru ia sepatutnya dibaca dengan hati lapang dan fikiran panjang. Salah satu urusan yang dilihat segelintir orang tidak patut […]

Lovers In A Dangerous Time

By Pang Khee Teik Huzir Sulaiman can wither lesser intellects with a mere glance. Though he seems to be smiling a bit more of late, I still put up my darnedest NOT to inflict him with my idiocy. I saw him again the other day at the DBS Arts Centre, Singapore, having just emerged from his […]

Lights, Camera…

By Jenny Daneels Two years ago, something happened in Malaysian theatre: students from the Taylor’s College, presented to full houses a play, Kecoh, which was witty, completely relevant to young people with issues ranging from to sex to politics, and completely open when discussing these topics. Many of these young performers were to be seen again […]


By Antares I was introduced to Nell Ng’s family outside The Actors Studio Box. Her brother Joey is reportedly a talented designer (in fact, he did the funky programme) and her mum looks really feisty. There goes my pet theory that Nell Ng was beamed down from the same planet where Mork originates (remember “Nanoo […]

Young Chinese theatre company infuses new life and fresh ideas

By Jenny Daneels NEED Entertainment is presenting this week Fall of the City, a play in Mandarin but with a translation of the script in English. A recently formed Chinese company, they caught Kakiseni’s attention when Ming Jin, manager at The Actors Studio, informed us that they sold all their shows even before they started. There […]

Songs for the Paramour

By Clarissa Lee The enchanting soiree begins with a serene, light and breezy tune by Donizetti. This allows a warm-up session for Cecilia Yap, the soprano for the night, as she takes her voice from soaring heights down to the depths of the vocal valley, with well-paced vocal controls. Her voice has rich operatic overtones, yet […]

Bimal Roy, The First Neo-Realist Auteur in Indian Cinema

By June Mong It may seem strange to discover a Bengali film director whose style has been compared to Vittorio De Sica’s while popping into my friendly neighbourhood Bollywood VCD store on Lebuh Ampang. But that’s how Bimal Roy came into one Malaysian’s little life a few months ago. Having idli and dhal curry for […]

SMORGASBORD: The drinks of our lives

By Amir Muhammad The subject for today: Drinks consumed in local movies. A small subject, to be sure, but one worthy of extrapolation. Anyone who has even sat through a Malay TV drama or indeed film over the past few decades would have noticed something. The sophisticated characters therein are inordinately fond of fruit juice. By […]

Look Out for Those Hardy Boyz N Crazy Girls

By Jenny Daneels You might have seen her as the bubbly voluptuous Chinese girl in The Instant Cafe Theatre’s sketches. Nell Ng shows her love for theatre goes beyond showing off on stage and directs her first play, Hardy Boyz N Crazy Girls, a cocktail of short plays, including one written by a Malaysian… Antares, Kakiseni’s […]

La La Li La Tam Pong

By Pang Khee Teik Ten years is long. The P’nang Dance Station have begun life on a culturally lethargic island but in the past decade, the company or its founders had been invited to perform far and beyond in Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, Seattle and New York. From the early classes they gave at a Penang […]

An Evening of Romantic Art Songs

By Clarissa Lee Walking into an adjoining Yamaha showroom has me observing a bespectacled man engrossed in perfecting a section of his music. He is so pre-occupied that it took him awhile to realize that the journalist is standing not too far away from him. A warm greeting ensues from Kok-Ting Chong, the pianist, and we […]

Menjejak Kembali

By Michelle Woo Rahel Joseph, Manager of Cultural Affairs at the Australian High Commission (AHC), takes Michelle Woo through the 80s ‘then’ and now of 15 Malaysian artists who have formerly exhibited on the premises. ‘Menjejak Kembali’, loosely translated as Journeying Back, is a celebration of the AHC’s active hosting of exhibitions for the past twenty […]

Remaja Berkampung Lagi

By Faisal Tehrani Di tengah-tengah penghinaan demi penghinaan yang dipantakkan kepada bahasa kebangsaan sedang hebat dilaksanakan secara rapi, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka dengan tabah hati menganjurkan Minggu Penulis Remaja untuk kali ke 16 tahun ini berlangsung dari 26 Jun lalu sehingga 1 Jun 2002 di Wisma Belia Jalan Syed Putra. Minggu Penulis Remaja adalah sebuah perkampungan […]

Akal Juhari

By Nur Hanim Khairuddin Berjiran dengan monyet, biawak , ular dan babi hutan? ltulah yang dialami Juhari Said, perupa senicetak Malaysia yang berjiwa kampung tetapi bermentaliti global. Bergebang-gebang (‘gebang’ ialah loghat Perak untuk ‘sembang’) mengenai konsep kediamannya yang bernama “Akal Di Ulu” yang dibina di atas tanah berkeluasan empat setengah ekar di Hulu Langat kira-kira tiga […]

First Malaysian Composer for the Pipe Organ

By Pang Khee Teik On the 27th May, we were given the world premiere of Journeys, a local composition for the pipe organ at the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP). The pipe organ is an instrument the DFP is very proud of though it is most remote from most Malaysian musical heritage. Composed by 27-year-old Vivian Chua, […]

Chong Siew Ying: the next Malaysian “grand artiste”?

By Jenny Daneels Published on on April 20, 2000 Chong Siew Ying leads her life in the same way as she paints: with boldness, independence and honesty. She set herself a simple goal as a child: to become a great artist. It is fascinating to observe her getting there. Chong was born in 1969 […]