In Between Never Give Up (2018)


In the world of elves, lives a queen who only allows Male & Female, Black & White to live in her kingdom. Anyone who is In Between will be sent to camp to convert. Thomas is a covered In Between who works closely with Queen. His dream is to change Queen’s way of thinking to give equal right to In Between. Unfortunately, Thomas’ enemy almost revealed his identity and that makes Thomas no choice but resigns. One day Queen finds out Prince is also an In Between. She is so mad and make Prince to get married in soonest time. During the wedding reception, the enemy attacks. Thomas cones back with his strategic planning and finally the enemy is defeated. Queen finally understands LOVE conquers all and should not discriminate. Elves in the kingdom live happily ever after.

很久很久以前有一個由皇后統治的精靈王國,她相信只有Pure Breed才可以讓國家昌盛,所以就設計了改造營和監察指南來控制In between。皇后身邊有兩位得力功臣~ 國師與軍師Thomas。Thomas是一名In between努力在皇后身邊掩飾身份為她服務希望有天可以改變皇后對In between的看法,但卻遇上了與他為敵的國師。詭計多端的國師終於找到機會讓Thomas自行請辭而高興不已。

皇后最頭痛的莫過於是王子,因為王子和Thomas相愛多年的事被揭穿後讓皇后實施更嚴厲的條規,並強迫王子結婚。Thomas的媽媽和In Between好朋友們也因此被關進監牢。婚禮當天,看似溫馨的場面,原來密謀造反的是國師,並在混亂當中刺中。。。到底結局會是怎樣呢?


  • Playwright:William Yap 葉偉良
  • Original Local Script:Yes
  • Date:2018, December 6~8
  • Total Showing:3
  • Venue:Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM98, RM68
  • Director:William Yap 葉偉良
  • Choreographer:Vale Wong
  • Musical Director:Vale Wong
  • Lighting Designer:Lim Wai Sing 林偉星
  • Set Designer:Zen Lin Tan 陳芊菱
  • Costume Designer:Max Mak
  • Additional Designer:Graphic Design : Adrew Xuan
  • Property Master:David Wong
  • Make-up Artist:Jessic Yap, Jennifer Tan, Jia Ai
  • Stage Crew:Boh Kuan, Ryan Chin, Atlas, Janell, Siew Yin, Winston Liew, Chun Lip, Robin Hor, Simon Lye, Ker Wei
  • Principal Cast:

    Season Chee, Douglas Wong, Cyrus Yong, Richard Tan, Scott Leong, Jason Lim, Yau Weng, Darren Lee

  • Ensemble:

    CJ, Ngiam, Calvin Tan, Maxx Loh, Steward Lee, Wallance, Gerath Kam, Eddie Lo

  • Producer:William Yap 葉偉良
  • Stage Manager:Mario Kong
  • Publicist:William Yap 葉偉良
  • Additional Notes:

    Poster Photographer: CK Wai
    Surtitle Translator: Marcus Tan
    Sound Engineer: Han Sheng
    FOH : Kelvin Chang
    FOH members: Wei Pin/ Herman/ Daniel/ Jin Cheng/ Louis Soong
    Show Photographer:Weasley Liau/ Jason Kee/ William Soong/ Kenneth Yap