Throwbad To School (2018)


The invitation is out! Get ready everyone for the most awaited reunion party of the year! If you can see this on your timeline in any of your social media, you are a part of the alumni and cordially invited to Throwbad To School! Ini Malam Kita Punya! Prepare your best 90s outfit! We will see you there.

Pada masa ini tidak ada sinopsis untuk program ini


  • Original Local Script:Yes
  • Company Name:Asmaraloka, Revolution Stage, Projek BB
  • Date:6 – 8 March, 2018
  • Total Showing:3
  • Venue:Black Box, Publika
  • Language:Bahasa Melayu
  • Ticket Prices:RM9
  • Composer:Asmaraloka
  • Producer:Asmaraloka, Revolution Stage, Projek BB
  • Publicist:Nick Raja Ada, Wafi