Hoong Siamang Hooong (2018)


A brave and spirited couple set off for an adventurous journey through the dense and dangerous rain forest, searching for the legendary peak of a distant mountain with fruit-laden trees of all sorts and animals of prey in abundance. When the husband and wife got to the destination they were met by a gargantuan ape, the Guardian of the Mountain.

Can wit and courage save the day?

Is there a way to bring home the bounty of fruits?

The story is an adaptation of the beautiful Temuan folklore. An indigenous ethnic group of Peninsular Malaysia, the Temuan people live in a world of nature spirits fuelled by their colourful imagination. The delightful interplay of light and shadow brings out the amazing relationship between Man and Nature.




此故事改編自西馬原住民Temuan 族的美麗傳說,簡單的情節中透露著他們對自然萬物的獨特想象,述說人類與大自然的微妙關係。


  • Playwright:Amelia Tan 愛美麗亞, Liang Ka En 梁家恩
  • Original Local Script:No
  • Company Name:Hong Jie Jie Workstations 紅姐姐工作室
  • Date:2018, March 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18
  • Total Showing:12
  • Venue:The Play Haus, Pearl Shopping Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM55, RM50
  • Director:Chang Wei Lay 張偉來
  • Composer:PZH 派仔洪
  • Lighting Designer:Amelia Tan 愛美麗亞
  • Stage Crew:Ling Wen Wei 林文偉
  • Principal Cast:

    Liang Ka En 梁家恩, Low Wai Kei 劉卉淇, Ng Yuan Ci 伍苑慈

  • Executive Producer:Maggie Ong 翁美琪
  • Producer:Linda Ang 洪綉晴
  • Stage Manager:Jessica Yap 葉思晴
  • Publicist:Maggie Ong 翁美琪