You Are Young 年少輕狂 (2017)


“WE ARE YOUNG” is a theatre show about individuals who came from different places but colliding to one another by moments in their life. They may not be mature, may have entered the society, from student , businessman , doctor , prostitute …… Looking forward for their future, families, love, finding ways to live by living the society’s standard. Xu Xiang, who had lost his job, taking drugs to hypnotize his own senses, feeling lost when day by day goes by; Xiao Qing, who ran away from home, because of love, lies are piling up each day in her life; YouYou who is facing the battle of the society, taking relations for granted for her own benefits; Xu Li betraying her own dignity because of wanting to live, will all these exchanges justify? Mrs. Qiu who is facing uncountable bitches, but will this be the last time? The whole show is divided into seven scenes, each scene is the life story of these individuals. From the differences of the society’s standard, bringing out different age group of people and contending the process of being helpless in the society.




  • Playwright:Leon Dai 戴立忍 (Taiwan)
  • Original Local Script:No
  • Company Name:New Era University College Drama And Visuals Department 新紀元大學學院戲劇與影像系
  • Date:2017, December 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24
  • Total Showing:10
  • Venue:New Era University College Black Box Theater, Kajang
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM35 (adult), RM30 (student)
  • Director:Wong Lay Chin 黃麗珍
  • Additional Designer:Graphic Design : Lai Wan Xuan 賴琬萱
  • Principal Cast:

    Choi Fu Jin 蔡富進, Oh Chee Kuan 區銖晉,
    Liew Zheng Feng 劉政峰, Tan Ming Jie 陳銘傑,
    Lee Yong Han 李勇翰, Wong Zue Heng 黃祖恆,
    Lai Wan Xuan 賴琬萱, Lim Si Li 林思莉,
    Kwee Ming Yi 魏銘溢, Chin Hong Liang 陳宏亮,
    Hiew Xue Min 邱雪敏, Kok Teng Teng 郭婷婷,
    Lim Nam Dong 林南冬, Chan Hong En 陳洪恩,
    Pong Pau Yi 龐寶懿, Yap Ee Ling 葉依玲,
    Choong Yun Ling 鍾雲凌, Lee Jia Shen 李家升,
    Brenda Ng Pei Wen 伍佩雯, Tan Qin Wei 陳沁蔚

  • Producer:Tan Yi Tung 陳怡彤
  • Stage Manager:Chew Yu Qian 周宇謙
  • Publicist:Fan Mei Teng 范媚婷, Lim Nam Dong 林南冬, Lai Wan Xuan 賴琬萱, Choi Fu Jin 蔡富進