The Story Teller 有故事的人 (2017)


Follow one man’s journey as he confronts the unspoken truth that had shaped the lives of his family. As the monologue unfolds, we learn through the lens of each one of the family members, of the kind of power that the trauma has had over their emotional and psychological wellbeing.



  • Playwright:Lim Chung Wei 林宗慰, Wong Lay Chin 黃麗珍
  • Date:2017, August 11, 12, 13 & September 15,16,17 & 22,23,24
  • Total Showing:9
  • Venue:Sinkeh
  • Language:English, Penang Hokkien
  • Ticket Prices:RM35
  • Director:Wong Lay Chin 黃麗珍
  • Lighting Designer:Alvie Cheng Chin Wei 程晉瑋
  • Additional Designer:Graphic Design : Goh Hun Meng 吳漢明
  • Principal Cast:

    Lim Chung Wei 林宗慰

  • Artistic Director:Chee Sek Thim 朱錫添
  • Stage Manager:Tan Hock Kheng 陳福慶
  • Other Information:

    2017, November 16~18 (performed at Kuala Lumpur, Kotak)
    2017, November 24 & 25 (performed at Kaoxiong, Taiwan)