Tan Xiao Ming 陳小明 (2017)


One day, Chen Xiao Ming from 5J class disappeared!

The students are discussing and criticize each other that Chen Xiao Ming disappeared. In the third year in secondary school, Chen Xiao Ming came to the new school and he looked forward to the new school environment. But his classmates are making fun of him and ridicule him in the classroom every day, he is bringing great fun to his classmate. In just two years, Chen Xiao Ming met Xiao Hua, who was as “special” as he was, and Xiao Li, who returned from Singapore. There is a very important change in Chen Xiao Ming’s life…




  • Playwright:Tan Chee Ken 陳志堅
  • Original Local Script:Yes
  • Company Name:Hong Jie Jie Workstations 紅姐姐工作坊
  • Date:2017, July 14~16
  • Total Showing:6
  • Venue:The Play Haus, Pearl Shopping Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM50
  • Director:Tan Chee Ken 陳志堅
  • Composer:Music Design : Tan Chee Ken 陳志堅
  • Lighting Designer:Tan Chee Ken 陳志堅
  • Set Designer:Tan Chee Ken 陳志堅
  • Costume Designer:Tan Chee Ken 陳志堅
  • Stage Crew:Ling Wen Jie, Chow Jesnie, Leong Shuen Sern, Ngu Hui You, Lum Li Wen, See Shi En, Cherry Yap, Choong Hui Ming, Tan Zun Yu
  • Principal Cast:

    Gan Hao Zhan, Yap Si Qing, See Shi En,
    Ngu Hui You, Leong Sheun Sern,
    Ling Wen Wei, Cherry Yap, Tan Zun Yu,
    P’ng Yi Ting, Choong Hui Ming,
    Yang Si Min, Ong Yi Yin, Tan Swee Yong,
    Lum Li Wen

  • Executive Producer:Simon Ang 洪良友
  • Producer:Linda Ang 洪綉睛
  • Stage Manager:Lew Jiun Min 劉俊銘
  • Publicist:Linda Ang 洪綉晴, 曹淑盈 (Cao Shu Ying)