Singing Under The Moonlight 月亮有歌 (2017)


Telling everyone’s the most profound friendship in childhood. The story is about two girls, they are good friends but from different family education background. Ah Yan inherited her mother’s fun and, having a happy childhood; Ah Hui has good results in study, versatile, but she is under the control of her mother. Both of them often went to a secret base in dark, and get a subtle power from the “light”…



  • Playwright:Soon Choon Mee 孫春美
  • Original Local Script:Yes
  • Company Name:Hong Jie Jie Workstations 紅姐姐工作室
  • Date:2017, April 21~23
  • Total Showing:7
  • Venue:The Play Haus, Pearl Shopping Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM60
  • Director:Soon Choon Mee 孫春美
  • Composer:Theme Song : Chang Sang Teck 張盛德
  • Lighting Designer:Eve Chen 曾穎慧
  • Set Designer:Eve Chen 曾穎慧
  • Costume Designer:Grace Looi 呂俊霖
  • Multimedia Designer:Option Five
  • Property Master:Eve Chen 曾穎慧
  • Stage Crew:Ong Yi Ying, Choong Hui Ming, P’ng Yi Ting, Cherry Yap, Leong Shuen Sern
  • Principal Cast:

    See Shi En, Chow Jesnie, Anielle Ng,
    Ong Yi Ying, Yap Si Qing, Ng Hui You,
    Tan Zun Yu, Gan Hao Zhan

  • Executive Producer:Tan Chee Ken 陳志堅
  • Producer:Linda Ang 洪綉晴, Simon Ang 洪良友
  • Stage Manager:Lew Jiun Min 劉俊銘
  • Publicist:Tan Chee Ken 陳志堅, P’ng Yi Tin 方愉婷, Cherry Yap 葉壁嫻