Kakak 下人 (2017)


They are housemaids (kakak) who live under oppressed by their master and mistress. To overcome their oppression, they love to play this ‘ceremony’ of role-playing – they take turns to play the role of mistress – when the mistress is not at home.

When the ceremony is being played for many times, they started to get obsessed, and confused about who they really are – They didn’t realize that this ceremony gradually change them, give them power…… to cause the arrest of their master, and their murder plan……

兩位長期受到主人與女主人的壓迫女傭,平時愛玩扮演女主人的遊戲 – 她們稱為「儀式」來克服心裡的不滿。然而長期的「扮演儀式」漸漸影響了她們,讓她們有時甚至忘了自己是誰,直至有一天她們假戲真做而弄得男主人被捕……

然後,她們漸漸產生了更瘋狂的想法 – 把壓迫她們的主人們除掉……


  • Playwright:Seng Soo Ming 程守明
  • Original Local Script:No (Adapted from Jean Genet’s )
  • Company Name:Pitapat Theatre 卜卜劇場
  • Date:2017, March 18 & 19
  • Total Showing:2
  • Venue:Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Art Centre
  • Language:Bahasa Melayu, Cantonese, English
  • Ticket Prices:Free Admission
  • Director:Seng Soo Ming 程守明
  • Composer:Sound Designer : Phoebe Tsen 曾莉婷
  • Lighting Designer:Nicxon Tan 陳政輝
  • Costume Designer:Seng Soo Ming 程守明, Yong Bee Fong 楊美芳
  • Stage Crew:Paz Lim, Niko Hiew, Dub Lau
  • Principal Cast:

    Zizi Hau 侯桂芝, Seng Soo Ming 程守明

  • Artistic Director:Seng Soo Ming 程守明
  • Stage Manager:Jaslyn Nyl 梁依琳