The Swordfish, Then The Concubine 劍魚◉妾 (2016)


Swordfish attack Singapura, killing its citizens. The city is in the grip of terror. The Sultan orders his men to form a rampart with their legs to keep the lethal fish out. They of course become targets of the fish instead.

A boy named Hang Nadim has a better idea which he proposes to the Sultan – use banana stems instead to form the rampart. The Sultan orders his men to try out this idea.

When the swordfish next attack, they get stuck in the banana stems. The men then move in to slaughter them. The kingdom is saved. What is the boy’s reward?

A generation later, the Sultan’s successor, his son Iskandar, takes Nurhalisa as his concubine. She is a feisty activist who champions the people’s rights; thus, being forced to be a concubine goes against her will. But Iskandar is irresistibly drawn to her, much to the chagrin of his consort, Tun Dara, whom he abhors.

This results in ominous consequences as Nurhalisa is charged with committing gross indecency under Section 377(D) of the Penal Code. A trial ensues and she is found guilty. Unstable, quirky and insecure, Iskandar seeks to demonstrate that he is a strong ruler by condemning his favourite concubine to the worst punishment – death by impalement.

He also brings shame to her and her family by having her stripped naked at the execution. This breaks the covenant made in bygone times between Malays and their rulers – that they will serve the ruler with unquestioning loyalty as long as he does not publicly humiliate them, and if he does, it will lead to the destruction of the kingdom.

What will happen to Iskandar, Tun Dara and Singapura?





  • Playwright:Kee Thuan Chye 紀傳財
  • Company Name:Pentas Project Theatre Production平台計劃/劇團
  • Date:2016, December 15~18
  • Total Showing:6
  • Venue:The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, Pentas 2
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM65 (Adult), RM45 (Student, Senior, Disable)
  • Director:Loh Kok Man 羅國文
  • Choreographer:Kathyn Tan Chai Chen 陳柯杏
  • Composer:Orang Orang Drum Theatre 人人人鼓劇場
  • Lighting Designer:Loh Kok Man 羅國文
  • Set Designer:Loh Kok Man 羅國文
  • Costume Designer:Michell Yong Soo Fon 楊淑棻
  • Multimedia Designer:Fairuz Sulaiman
  • Additional Designer:Graphic Design : Matchbox Studio
  • Property Master:All Casts
  • Stage Crew:Hoe Hui Ting 何慧婷
  • Ensemble:

    Yeo Lyle蔡德耀 + Thian Siew Kim鄧綉金 + Niko Hugh邱蕴能 + Valerie Chian詹莉寧 +  Goo Zhuan Xuan吳專選 + Boyz Chew Soon Heng周顺興 + Zyee Leow Sze Yee 廖世儀 + Leow Hui Min廖慧鸣 + Hoe Hui Ting何慧婷

  • Producer:Pam Lim 林偉彬
  • Stage Manager:Hoe Hui Ting 何慧婷
  • Publicist:Tammi Tam譚小虹 + Parami Tay鄭立靖 + Tracy Pua潘珂欣
  • Additional Notes:

    Script Translation : Goh Lee Kwang + Loh Kok Man

  • Other Information:

    Chinese Copywriting : Yizai Seah + English Copywriting : Kee Thuan Chye