A Sunken Dream Of The Cosmic Wanderers 每個人都是一顆星球 (2016)


Eutopia Theatre 5th Anniversary performance. A play inspired by well-known French literature Le Petite Prince. Story divided into three different people with their three life changing day. A man working in account management with very boring meaningless life. An old lady who just lost her other half and started her new single staying alone life. An ambitious young singer who just found out her pregnancy. All of them met and found the meaning of Le Petite Prince to them in this life changing day.



  • Playwright:Inspired and partly adapted from the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (French)
  • Original Local Script:No
  • Company Name:Eutopia Theatre 悠托邦劇場
  • Date:2016, July 21~24
  • Total Showing:8
  • Venue:Now Theatre @ Sungai Besi
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM35
  • Director:Eugene Ng 黃商權
  • Composer:Chan Jian Ning 陳健寧
  • Lighting Designer:Amelia Tan 愛美麗亞
  • Set Designer:Lian Kian Lek 連建立
  • Costume Designer:Quito Yang 甯振洋
  • Additional Designer:Illustration & Graphic Designer : Iron Loi 鐵鈎
  • Principal Cast:

    Cruise Chuah 蔡坤益, Yip Boh Kuan 葉寶君, Joanne Teh 鄭喬謙, Jeremy Hor 何偉銘

  • Producer:Eugene Ng 黃商權
  • Artistic Director:Eugene Ng 黃商權
  • Production Manager:Ah Siah 謝正科, Soh Chong Hong 蘇中宏
  • Stage Manager:Simon Lee 李美潣