Little Sparrow 窗邊的小麻雀 (2016)


This story is about the local painter Ye Feng Yi’s 70 years of work in the field of painting, and his story with his daughter Ye Jian Yi. As a painter, teacher and father, he respects the wishes of his children, let his daughter do what he wants, and encourages everyone to choose what they like and live a wonderful life.



  • Playwright:Amelia Tan 愛美麗亞
  • Original Local Script:Yes
  • Company Name:Hong Jie Jie Workstations 紅姐姐工作室
  • Date:2016, May 20 ~22
  • Total Showing:7
  • Venue:Damansara Performing Arts Centre
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM58
  • Director:Amelia Tan 愛美麗亞
  • Composer:Theme Song : Dickson Chai 蔡迪伸
  • Lighting Designer:Amelia Tan 愛美麗亞
  • Set Designer:Eve Chen 曾穎慧
  • Costume Designer:Amelia Tan 愛美麗亞
  • Multimedia Designer:Tan Chung Cea 陳俊嘉
  • Property Master:Lew Jiun Min 劉俊銘, Ling Wen Jie 林文傑, See Shi En 徐詩恩, 顧浩展 (Gu Hao Zhan)
  • Principal Cast:

    Chen Huen Phuei 曾宏輝, Joanne Teh 鄭喬謙

  • Executive Producer:Chee Ken 陳志堅
  • Producer:Linda Ang 洪綉晴
  • Stage Manager:Simon Lee 西門李
  • Publicist:Chee Ken 陳志堅