An Enemy Of The People At The Moment 人民公敵.現代進行式 (2016)


A group of people are walking across a space. They discover ‘something’, out of curiousity they put them on. Then, they have identities, status, and names. And they have story when they start to interact. The story is called “an enemy of the people”.

At the moment, they recall the story from 19th century; at the moment, they recreate the story; at the moment, they review the story…

At the moment, they question: obey the majority or independent thinking, which one is important? In this information technology era, who are the “majority” actually indicating? When all the people are free to express, are they really thinking independently?




  • Playwright:Seng Soo Ming 程守明
  • Original Local Script:No. Adapted from Henrik Ibsen’s
  • Company Name:Pitapat Theatre 卜卜劇場
  • Date:2016, March 26 & 27
  • Total Showing:3
  • Venue:Damansara Performing Art Center
  • Language:Bahasa Melayu, English, Hakka, Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM50
  • Director:Seng Soo Ming 程守明
  • Composer:Eugene Tong 唐浩程
  • Lighting Designer:Veeky Tan 陳薇琪
  • Set Designer:Veeky Tan 陳薇琪
  • Costume Designer:Becky Liew 劉依芝
  • Principal Cast:

    Zizi Hai 侯桂芝, Phoebe Tsen 曾莉婷, Eugene Tong 唐浩程, Rosmawati Binti Suffian Koroh, Georgina Tay 鄭桂珍

  • Producer:Seng Soo Ming 程守明
  • Artistic Director:Seng Soo Ming 程守明
  • Stage Manager:Veeky Tan 陳薇琪