The Blindfolded And The Guide Dog 導盲犬 (2015)


At the beginning the blindfolded choose to be blind, that’s when the guide dog trained to be guide…

At the end, it’s either you keep blindfolded, or you lost everything by revealing the bare truth…



  • Playwright:Eugene Ng 黃商權
  • Original Local Script:Yes
  • Company Name:Eutopia Theatre 悠托邦劇場 & The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre
  • Date:2015, May 28~30
  • Total Showing:3
  • Venue:Pentas 1, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:Minimum donation RM10
  • Director:Eugene Ng 黃商權
  • Choreographer:Tan Bee Hung 陳美向
  • Composer:Chan Jian Ning 陳健寧
  • Lighting Designer:Eugene Ng 黃商權
  • Set Designer:Eugene Ng 黃商權
  • Costume Designer:Eugene Ng 黃商權
  • Multimedia Designer:Beiyi Chua 蔡凱妤, Leong Xu Dong 梁旭東
  • Additional Designer:Graphic Design : Kweok Lian Hee 郭漣喜
  • Principal Cast:

    Seah Song Fan 謝松汎, Parisa Wee 王淑儀, Japheth Lim 林雋峰

  • Executive Producer:Dato Faridah Merican
  • Artistic Director:Joe Hasham OAM
  • Production Manager:Easee Gan 顏永禎
  • Other Information:

    KLPac 10th Anniversary 10 Theatre Directors Showcase series.