Merah 見紅 (2014)


Love without sustenance is just like blood that doesn’t clot – when a wound is formed, it cannot stop bleeding…

In a wealthy family. A successful business man discovered a piece of red cloth in a plastic bag brought back by his wife and his maid; that, in a way, affected him, disturbed him, or more accurately, revealed something that had been hidden in him for a long time. He kept the cloth, not intentionally, though the cloth did not belong to him. The tricky thing was, none of the family members mentioned anything about it. But he never knew that it was a sign, revealing the darkness in the family and tragedy was looming around the corner…



  • Playwright:Seng Soo Ming 程守明
  • Company Name:Pitapat Theatre 卜卜劇場
  • Date:2014, May 30 & 31
  • Total Showing:2
  • Venue:Yayasan Sabah, Teater Tun Hamdan
  • Language:Bahasa Melayu, English, Hakka, Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM40
  • Director:Seng Soo Ming 程守明
  • Lighting Designer:Veeky Tan 陳薇琪
  • Set Designer:Seng Soo Ming 程守明
  • Costume Designer:Hau Wen Hooi 侯文蕙
  • Stage Crew:Einstein Pang, Nigel Goh, Xin Pang 彭韻芯
  • Principal Cast:

    Seng Soo Ming 程守明, Casandra Wong 黃婉懿, Rosmawati Binti Suffian Koroh, Georgina Tay 鄭桂珍, Jacky Pang 彭家祺

  • Producer:Yong Bee Fong 楊美芳
  • Artistic Director:Seng Soo Ming 程守明
  • Stage Manager:Veeky Tan 陳薇琪
  • Publicist:Yong Bee Fong 楊美芳