Die Die Tak Bayar 死都不給 (2013)


Inspired by Dario Fo’s Can’t Pay! Won’t Pay!

Before the critical “Patriotic Tax” policy is launched, a supermarket in town has already started raising the price of goods. This causes resistance from the public who all of a sudden launch a “DIE DIE TAK BAYAR” movement — grab all the goods in the supermarket and resist to pay.

Soon later, the factory’s workers join the movement. They start a strike named “DIE DIE TAK KERJA” to denounce low salary and rising prices…

Meanwhile, a Kopitiam lady boss, Nora, is killed in a car accident. She refuses to die and begs to the Death to let her live. She even suggests bribing the Death (raising the issue of corruption) in order to be resurrected. She succeeds and is sent back to her own Kopitiam waiting to be resurrected. Then she witnesses Anastascia, her employee in the kopitiam, together with her friend, Margaret, coming to hide a bunch of goods in the shop that they have ‘grabbed’ from a nearby supermarket.

Nora is angry but she can’t do anything because she’s still invisible. The only thing she can do is wait there until she comes ‘back to life’ when she can try to stop them…

啓發自達里奧。福劇作 《絕不付賬》。




  • Playwright:Seng Soo Ming 程守明
  • Company Name:Pitapat Theatre 卜卜劇場
  • Date:2013, November 15 ~17
  • Total Showing:3
  • Venue:Sabah State Museum, GC Woodlley Hall
  • Language:Bahasa Melayu, English, Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM25
  • Director:Seng Soo Ming 程守明
  • Composer:Sound Design : Graeme Tan 陳傑
  • Lighting Designer:Tang Sook Kuan 鄭淑君
  • Set Designer:Seng Soo Ming 程守明
  • Costume Designer:Hau Wen Hooi 侯文蕙
  • Stage Crew:Xin Pang 彭韻芯, Nigel Goh, Eunice Chong 張意萱
  • Principal Cast:

    Phoebe Tsen 曾莉婷, Rosmawati Binti Suffian Koroh, Georgina Tay 鄭桂珍, Sandra Petrus Laiyap Goduli, Hau Wen Hooi 侯文蕙, Chin Pui Hua 陳沛樺, Nadja Mary Quimsom, Hannah Rahim, Mary Margaret Pang 潘月華, Noor.F.Z Ali, Naavin Ravinthran

  • Producer:Yong Bee Fong 楊美芳
  • Artistic Director:Seng Soo Ming 程守明
  • Stage Manager:Tang Sook Kuan 鄭淑君
  • Publicist:Yong Bee Fong 楊美芳