Now 10 Min (2013)


Our age and our current times are in a state of uncertainty. Due to this “uncertainty”, we are confused, lost, evading, resisting … as creative practitioners, we need to value this “uncertainty”. Because this allows us to create the desire to discover ourselves, to encounter our unacquainted essence, to seek answers … even though there might be no answers.

To confront this “uncertainty”, we have <NOW 10 MIN>, a theatre performance exchange project.

<NOW 10 MIN> comprises 10 creative practitioners, each using their own’s current life situations as a theme, translating it into a creative work. In the process, each examines the relationship between self and self, and between self and the world. The creative practitioners are limited to 10 minutes to present individual artistic versions of their respective “now” situations.

我們的年齡,和我們所處的年代,都處在一種不確定的狀態中。因爲“不確定”,我們困惑、迷茫、逃避、抵抗… 但身為創 作者,我們珍惜這份“不確定”。因為這讓我們產生了挖掘 自己的慾望,去遇見未知的本我,去找到答案,雖然很可能 沒有“答案”。

爲了釐清這份“不確定”,我們有了 <NOW 10 MIN > 劇場 演出交流計劃。

<NOW 10 MIN >劇場演出交流計劃,共有 10 位創作者,每位 創作者皆以自身所處的生活現狀作為創作的主題,进而转化 成艺术创作,探討自己與自己的關係,自己與世界的關係。 創作者們被限制在 10 分鐘內,以各種方式呈現各自的 “NOW”。


  • Company Name:Kosong Space 空坊
  • Date:2013, July 13 & 14
  • Total Showing:2
  • Venue:TEAM Studio, Kuala Lumpur
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM15
  • Director:Yeo Lyle 蔡德耀, Liang Ka En 梁家恩, Tan Sook Fong 陳淑鳳, Azov Sim 沈穎傑, Roax Tan 陳忠實, Xie Kah Sing 謝佳升, Jackey Chan 陳俊霖, Monster Tyeos 李永升, Leow Han Hong 廖漢鴻, Vicky Tan 陳維琪
  • Additional Designer:Graphic Design : Thian Siew Kim 鄧綉金
  • Principal Cast:

    Eden Lim 林桂花, Liang Ka En 梁家恩,
    Lee Huang Yee 李歡愉, Azov Sim 沈穎傑,
    Jinnie Lim 林敬雯,  Jackey Chan 陳俊傑,
    Lee Ting Yee 李庭怡, Felishel Chung 曾慧萍,
    Yuan Lim 林心願, Vicky Tan 陳薇琪,
    Japheth Lim 林雋峰, Leow Han Hong 廖漢鴻,
    Teo Lay Peng 張麗萍(丁仔), Foo See Min 胡思敏

  • Producer:Yeo Lyle 蔡德耀
  • Stage Manager:Ho Hui Ting 何慧婷
  • Publicist:Tammy Yee 余秋坪
  • Additional Notes:

    Chinese Copywriting : Liang Ka En 梁家恩