Doo Doo Is Missing 嘟嘟婆婆不見了 (2009)


Ming Ming is a child who has bad temper. After her grandmother has passed away, only she realizes her attitude is very bad. Ming Ming wanted to say sorry to her grandmother, but she does not have the chance to tell her grandmother. Hong Jie Jie pass by the “Antonym” village and get help from Dr.Durian to help Ming Ming go back to the past with time machine. While they going back to the past, there is a magician keep on destroy their plan and there are a bunch of accident happened in the time tunnel.



  • Playwright:Ryon Lee 李勇昌, Eon 丁仕昀,Eden Wan 尹文翰, Frankie Ng 黃竣麟
  • Company Name:TEA Theatre (TEA 劇場)
  • Date:2009, June 26~28 (A) & July 10~12 (B)
  • Total Showing:18
  • Venue:(A) Purple Cane Tea Square, Shaw Parede, Kuala Lumpur & (B) Eu Yan Sang Theatre, Shaw Parade, Kuala Lumpur
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM25 (Adult), RM20 (Child)
  • Director:Ryon Lee 李勇昌, Eugene Ng 黃商權
  • Composer:Easternworld Music 環東音樂
  • Lighting Designer:Amelia Tan 愛美麗亞, 陳風琪 (Chen Feng Qi)
  • Set Designer:Eve Chen 曾穎慧
  • Costume Designer:Eugene Ng 黃商權
  • Make-up Artist:Eugene Ng 黃商權
  • Principal Cast:

    Elsa 邱鳳寧, Elaine 鄭曉芬, Milo 劉家榮, 彭俊耀 (Peng Jun Yao), Eagle Lee 李明傑, 王淑儀 (Wang Shu Yi), Amelia Tan 愛美麗亞

  • Producer:Linda Ang 洪秀琴, Amelia Tan 愛美麗亞