The Killer 死亡兇手 (2008)


Knowing herself is an HIV carrier, Shin tells her mother about the fact after being advised by Yaw and Jeff, who are her good friends. Unfortunately, Shin’s mother chase her away from home because she cannot accept the reality. Shin is dragged towards suicide, but rescued by Yaw and Jeff, and they tell her mother about the truth happened that day… What has happened? Who is the victim?

“The Killer” brings out the message of being an AIDS patient, sometimes the ultimate reason of death is not the virus, but the skeptical and public refusal to accept the patients. We need to treat the AIDS patients by normal and easy attitude.

Pada masa ini tidak ada sinopsis untuk program ini


  • Playwright:Phoebe Thor Ming Fung 涂銘芳
  • Company Name:Heart Towards The Sun Theatre 心向太陽劇坊
  • Date:2008, December 19~21
  • Total Showing:5
  • Venue:MCPA Theater, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM50, RM30, RM20
  • Director:Phoebe Thor Ming Fung 塗銘芳
  • Principal Cast:

    Fish Liew Mei Yu 廖梅妤, Lai Huey Sheue 黎惠雪, Lee Kah Fai李家輝, Adrian Tan 陳凱旋, Jacqueline Chong 張潔清

  • Producer:Sim Kok Meng 沈國明
  • Artistic Director:Yeoh Choo Kuan 楊子寬, Siew San Sung 蕭三松
  • Stage Manager:Tan Sze Ying 陳詩韻