Know No Cure (2007)


A man is on an operating table. The operation fails and the man is put back under anaesthetic.

Rising from the table as if from a traumatic dream, the operated body (Cyber) embarks on a journey to a timeless space to find a cure for the hole in his heart. Yet he discovers the mysterious and hidden natural world he envisions has been eradicated and replaced with a near future mega-plex of horizontal walkways. There, Cyber meets Putra, a vision-cure salesman and permanent fixture, who guarantees an up-dated experience; a hyper-enhanced sanctuary of virtual faith. Temporary salvation provided, Cyber is returned to the operating chamber to find that he has been re-configured into a smooth operating system.

Know No Cure is a hybrid contemporary theatre production about cultural deprogramming and reprogramming in the global system of progress.

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  • Playwright:Adam Broinowski
  • Company Name:Dramalab
  • Date:16 – 20 May 2007
  • Venue:The Actors Studio @ BSC, Kuala Lumpur
  • Language:English
  • Director:Adam Broinowski
  • Composer:Hardesh Singh
  • Lighting Designer:Mac Chan
  • Set Designer:Adam Gardnir
  • Costume Designer:Dominique Devorsine
  • Multimedia Designer:Video Design – Nazim Esa, Additional Video Design – Lisa Roet
  • Additional Designer:Graphic Design – Loo Jia Wen, Postcard Design – Dean McInerney, Sound Design – Jeffrey Hannam, Additional Sound Design – Ahmad Syafiq
  • Principal Cast:

    Zahim Albakri, Matt Crosby

  • Producer:Adeline Tan
  • Artistic Director:Zahim Albakri
  • Production Manager:Wyn Hee
  • Stage Manager:Wyn Hee