Where Is Cherry 紅姐姐不見了 (2005)


Whenever the season of falling leaves comes, Cherry will go to the Magic Garden to do storytelling for the children the come from different places in the world. This year’s “Yellow Leaf Season” has come again, but Cherry has not appeared. The White Horse housekeeper asked the children to wait patiently and told them Cherry should be coming back soon. But the children start to quarrel with each other while waiting, even the owls are missing. . .



  • Playwright:Rorn Lew 劉錦康, Linda Ang 洪秀琴
  • Company Name:TEA Theatre (TEA 劇場)
  • Date:2005, September 30 ~ October 2
  • Total Showing:5
  • Venue:MCPA Theatre (3rd Floor, Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Kuala Lumpur)首都劇場,雪華堂三樓
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM12
  • Director:Rorn Lew 劉錦康
  • Composer:Sound Design : Ryon Lee 李永強
  • Lighting Designer:Rorn Lew 劉錦康
  • Set Designer:Rorn Lew, 陳明澤 (Chen Ming Ze)
  • Costume Designer:劉國仁 (Liu Guo Ren)、劉國威 (Liu Guo Wei)、吳慧婷 (Wu Hui Ting)、曾佩琳 (Zeng Pei Lin)
  • Principal Cast:

    Linda Ang 洪秀琴, Eugene Ng 黃商權,  Eon丁仕昀, Eva 鄭意華, Easy 曾若冰, Eagle Lee 李明傑, Eden 尹文釺, 劉企業 (Liu Qi Ye), 賴泳鋒 (Lai Yong Fong)

  • Producer:Linda Ang 洪秀琴
  • Artistic Director:Ryon Lee 李永強
  • Stage Manager:彭俊耀 (Peng Jun Yao)
  • Publicist:Engene Ng 黃商權