The Garbage City 垃圾城 (2003)


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  • Company Name:Green Theatre 綠緣劇場
  • Date:2003, October 18 & 19
  • Total Showing:4
  • Venue:MCPA Theatre Hall (The Kuala Lumpur And Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall)
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM20 (Adult), RM15 (Students)
  • Director:Milo 劉家榮
  • Composer:Sound: 楊誠保 (Yang Cheng Bao), 曾國偉 (Zeng Guo Wei)
  • Lighting Designer:黃振胤 (Huang Zhen Yin)
  • Principal Cast:

    陳如洧 (Chen Ru Wei), 馮健榮 (Feng Jian Rong), 吳祖潔 (Wu Zu Jie), 林韋茹 (Lin Wei Ru), 馮雪梅 (Feng Xue Mei), 潘玉蘭 (Pan Yu Lan)

  • Producer:Ritchie
  • Stage Manager:黃麗燕 (Huang Li Yan)
  • Publicist:Ritchie, Nicholas