Harakiri (2003)


“Harakiri is a satire on corporate life, where deception abounds and loyalty is tested.”

It’s a lovely, sunny day at Besi Karat Sdn Bhd. While the rest of the world is busy working, there is a crisis at Besi Karat. Mooncake, the deranged, attention-seeking moron is on the window ledge, attempting suicide! His colleagues – Manja, Panjang and Dollah are shocked. What do they do next? What do they do now? Call the Bomba? Police? Nothing is what it seems, as they find out later…

We’ve all been there; we’ve worked with individuals who ought to be shot in the name of mankind and sanity, we’ve had bosses from hell, and who hasn’t thought of pushing someone out the window on a stressful day?


Mooncake – a psychopathic attention seeker who attempts to kill himself.
Manja – she hates Mooncake’s guts and wants him dead.
Dollah – the calm, forgiving one among the lot who tries to instil peace.
Panjang – pragmatic but dense and yet to be confirmed after two years at Besi Karat.
The Boss – a charismatic Jalaluddin Hassan.
Dinsy – your typical girl next door, unemployed.

Add to this a terrorist stewardess and two devils, and Harakiri promises to be a bizarre, entertaining comedy of errors, terrors and self-development.

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  • Playwright:Dina Zaman
  • Company Name:Chakra Works
  • Date:8 – 12 October 2003
  • Total Showing:5
  • Venue:The Actors Studio, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur
  • Language:Bahasa Melayu, English
  • Ticket Prices:RM17, RM27
  • Director:R. Rajen
  • Lighting Designer:Toemoe
  • Set Designer:Sow & Allan Associates
  • Costume Designer:Adnan Hassan
  • Additional Designer:Graphic Design – EggHouse Graphic Sdn Bhd
  • Principal Cast:

    Michael Chen, Colin Kirton, Elmery Yap Vee Vinh, Azmir Abdullah, Zarina Sharil, A.Z., Vicky Meow

  • Producer:Ishak Z. Allan
  • Stage Manager:Abd Azid Allan
  • Publicist:Dina Zaman