Love Without End (2003)


‘Love Without End’ pays tribute to the famous Chinese divas and movie stars from the golden age of Mandarin cinema when musical scores and songs were simply exquisite. Movie productions in the 30s-60s would not be complete without the obligatory signature tunes to take us on a turbulent journey of love, romance, heart ache and heart break. This music theatre productions is a spin-off from Dama’s critically acclaimed production ‘Spring Kisses Lover’s Tears’, which was staged in Malaysia, Singapore and China. The songs are sung in Mandarin while the introduction is in English. This production also features Dua Space Dance Theatre, Ng Aik Soon English narration and Tan Teik Being Chinese narration.

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  • Playwright:Pun Kai Loon, Ng Aik Soon, Khor Seng Chew, Tan Teik Beng
  • Company Name:Dama Orchestra
  • Date:19 – 22 September 2003
  • Venue:Istana Budaya
  • Language:English, Mandarin
  • Ticket Prices:RM45, RM75, RM105, RM155, RM205
  • Director:Pun Kai Loon
  • Choreographer:Anthony Meh Kim Chuan
  • Composer:Loo Fung Ying
  • Musical Director:Khor Seng Chew
  • Lighting Designer:Lim And Swee, Teo Kuang Han
  • Set Designer:Pun Kai Loon, Wang Jun
  • Costume Designer:Dress With Distinction
  • Additional Designer:Graphic Designer – DDB International, Programme Designer – Mun Lee
  • Make-up Artist:A Cut Above
  • Principal Cast:

    Soprano – Tan Soo Suan, Dizi – Bong Boon Khee, Sheng – Lim Kuo Yung, Yangqin – See Keh Fong, Guitar / Pipa – Khor Seng Chew, Piano – Loo Fung Ying, Percussion – Ng Boon Hean, Erhu – Gan Boon We, Double Bass – Tee Hsien Onn

  • Ensemble:

    Dancing-Acting – Dua Space Dancer Theatre, Leng Poh Gee, Steve Goh Chen Fui, Tan Chai Chen, Evon Wong Yee Wan, Lim Wei Wei, Crystal Low Sim Wei, Aman Yap

  • Producer:Khor Seng Chew
  • Production Manager:Kennedy J. Michael @ Adrenaline!
  • Stage Manager:Gracie Low @ Adrenaline!, Tan Keam Beng (Pre-Production)
  • Other Information:

    Narrator (in English) – Ng Aik Soon, Narrator (in Chinese) – Tan Teik Beng