Accidental Death Of An Anarchist (1999)


The Instant Cafe Theatre Company presents Accidental Death of an Anarchist

The Instant Cafe Theatre Company mempersembahkan Accidental Death of an Anarchist


  • Playwright:Dario Fo
  • Original Local Script:No
  • Company Name:The Instant Cafe Theatre Company
  • Date:29 April – 14 May, 1999
  • Language:English
  • Director:Jo Kukathas, assisted by Adeline Tan
  • Lighting Designer:Mervyn Peters
  • Set Designer:Carolyn Lau | Set Construction: Hansa Sight and Sound
  • Multimedia Designer:Props Construction: Lo Chin Yu
  • Additional Designer:Technical Designer & Sound Designer: Sunil Kumar | Design Assistant: Ravi Shetty | Graphic Design: Mei Ch’wen | Programme Book Cover Art: Sidney Tan
  • Property Master:Pat Gui, Adeline Tan
  • Principal Cast:

    Lee Swee Keong as Man | Huzir Sulaiman as Madman | Zahim Albakri as Inspector Bertozzo | Abang Joe as Constables | Zaibo as Inspector Pisani | Patrick Teoh as Superintendent | Ida Nerina as Maria Feletti

  • Producer:Indra Kukathas
  • Stage Manager:Pat Gui, assisted by Adeline Tan
  • Publicist:Sandra Sodhy