Lady White (1989)


Five Arts Centre presents Lady White

Five Arts Centre mempersembahkan Lady White


  • Playwright:Chin San Sooi
  • Original Local Script:Yes
  • Company Name:Five Arts Centre
  • Date:25 – 28 October, 1989
  • Total Showing:5
  • Venue:Panggung Bandaraya
  • Language:English
  • Director:Chin San Sooi
  • Choreographer:Kung Fu: Chew Hong Chow Dance: Marion D’Cruz
  • Composer:“Release My Mother” by Chin Yoong Kim; “Theirs was a Love” by Shamsul Rahman; “Wedding Dance” composed by Marion D’Cruz
  • Lighting Designer:Prem Kumar, Helen Ung
  • Set Designer:Chin San Sooi Set construction: Xavier
  • Costume Designer:Chin San Sooi Additional Designs: Pearlly Chua Storyteller’s costume and headdress for Son Of Man: Susan Lau
  • Additional Designer:Programme Book Design: William Harald-Wong
  • Property Master:Wardrobe Mistress: Susan Lau, Hanim
  • Make-up Artist:Marion D’Cruz, Anne James. Wong Yuet May, Anita Leggatt Hair Design & Styling for Lady White and Madam Green: Harun Endok
  • Principal Cast:

    Pearlly Chua as Lady White
    Suhaila Emma Merican as Maiden Green
    Liau Siau Suan as Man
    Shamsul Rahman/Chew Kin Wah as Storyteller/ex-Fortune Teller

  • Ensemble:

    Chew Kin Wah, Rajenthran Ramasamy, Steven Cheong, Loh Kok Man, Liew Chee Seong, Yong Wee Leong, Cong Chun Yee, Chua Teck Lai, Johnny W. Malukin, Pan Swee Chin, Zamree Habi, Roland Pudin, Johnny W. Kalukin, Derek Tan, Fabian Sipaul, Choo Tuck Hoon, Chua Teck Lai, Zamree Habi

  • Producer:Winifred Chai, assisted by Krishen Jit
  • Stage Manager:Moses Hon
  • Additional Notes:

    Musicians: Richard Foo, Wong Eng Eng, Steven Lim, Loh Kok Keong

  • Other Information:

    According to the programme book, “Lady White” was “first performed on 11th & 12th June 1977, 8pm” at ” ACS Theatre, Lahat Road, Ipoh.” The programme book also contains the full script of “Lady White”