The Frogs (1978)


The Liberal Arts Society presents The Frogs

The Liberal Arts Society mempersembahkan The Frogs


  • Playwright:Originally in Greek by Aristophanes, translated into English by David Barrett
  • Original Local Script:No
  • Company Name:The Liberal Arts Society
  • Date:25 – 30 July, 1978
  • Total Showing:6
  • Venue:The British Council
  • Language:English
  • Director:Pritam Singh Sekhon
  • Lighting Designer:Ibrahim
  • Set Designer:Jack Zehmer
  • Costume Designer:Rosemary Chin
  • Property Master:Margaret Cheng, Jeanne Foenander, Jack Lee
  • Make-up Artist:Mizanur Rahman, Tina Chin, Jeanne Foenander, Goh Lee Yeok, Rosemary Jesudason, Khoo Cheng Kim, Khoo Kim Kim, Loe Yee Mei
  • Principal Cast:

    Rick Scully as Dionysus
    J. Jegathesan as Xanthae
    David Lazarus as Hercules
    Clarence Wilfred as Charon
    Gitu Chakravarthy as Aeacus
    Mizanur Rahman Ghani as Euripides
    Vijaya Samawickrama as Aeschylus
    Jack Zehmer as Pluto
    Betty Pelzer as Maid
    Edward Dorall as Slave

  • Ensemble:

    Please see images for full list of Frogs, Slaves, Chorus, Dancing Girls and The Musician

  • Production Manager:Production Secretary: Abraham Samuel Assisted by M. Shanker, Pritam Singh Sekhon, Mustaffa Sheriff
  • Stage Manager:Jack Lee Assisted by Jack Zehmer, Bobby Cheah
  • Publicist:Pritam Singh Sekhon, Abraham Samuel, Jack Lee
  • Additional Notes:

    The Frogs and Chorus trained by Adele Marie Sekhon