Othello (1975)


Donald Davies in association with The British Council present Othello

Donald Davies berkerjasama dengan British Council mempersembahkan Othello


  • Playwright:William Shakespeare
  • Original Local Script:No
  • Company Name:Donald Davies
  • Date:30 July – 2 August, 1975
  • Total Showing:3
  • Venue:The British Council
  • Language:English
  • Director:Kannan Menon, assisted by Jan Sullivan
  • Lighting Designer:Lim Eng Hong
  • Set Designer:Kannan Menon Constructed by Peter Balzat (Technical Director), Gregory Balzat, Colin Smith
  • Costume Designer:Willie Stephenitch, Sue Feakin, Judy Castle, Annette Balzat, Sarah Harding, Josephine Gough, Maura Simmons
  • Multimedia Designer:Slides: Raja Zahabuddin
  • Property Master:Dennis & Hazel Taylor
  • Principal Cast:

    Bosco D’Cruz as Othello
    Norman Pritchard as Iago
    Jacqueline Pritchard as Desdemona

  • Ensemble:

    Jeya Mahesan, K.K. Nair, Michael Greaves, Aloysius Lawrence, Ted Bicknall, Sivaji Rajah, Melville, P.J. Lawrence, Peter Castle, Ho Chun Loon, Ee Tee Gin, Audrey Fernandez, Sue Feakin

  • Producer:Donald Davies
  • Stage Manager:Peter Balzat, Sarah Harding
  • Additional Notes:

    Music selected by Peter Balzat