The Wizard Of Oz (1973)


Philharmonic Society of Selangor presents The Wizard of Oz

Persatuan Filharmonik Selangor mempersembahkan The Wizard of Oz


  • Playwright:Music by Harold Arlen; Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg, Book by Frank Gabrielson, based on the “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum
  • Original Local Script:No
  • Company Name:Philharmonic Society of Selangor
  • Date:14 – 22 December, 1973
  • Total Showing:9
  • Venue:KL Town Hall/Panggung Bandaraya
  • Language:English
  • Director:Bob Gutherson
  • Choreographer:Anna Edema-Kronenburg, assisted by Ann Barrows
  • Musical Director:Frank Shepard, assisted by Khaw Yen Yen
  • Lighting Designer:Russ Vogel, assisted by Visa Pathy, Chan Chee Yong, Vick Neswaran, Dolly Harry Myers, Thor
  • Set Designer:Diane Neeley, Frankie Sundsten
  • Costume Designer:Louise Buckler, assisted by Georgene Tarble, Maura Simmons, Joyce Swannell, Trudl Baughman, Sharon Allen, Pat Lord, Betsy Clark
  • Additional Designer:Wigs & Hairdressing: Gino
  • Property Master:Joyce Swannell, Margaret Gutherson, Susan Wong
  • Make-up Artist:Willie Stephenitch, assisted by Fawzia Mohamed, Maura Simmons, Patsy O’Connor, Tytti Ryan, Lynne Campbell, Kelly Bryant, Hilda Aziz
  • Stage Crew:Chuck Swannell, Bob Bell, John Boldero, Guy Edema, Roger Findley, Ian Johnson, Lim Chen Yam, Elizabeth Meynell, Brian O’Connor, James Stephenitch, David Lord, Christopher Meynell, David Sim
  • Principal Cast:

    Elina Aziz as Dorothy
    Gino as Scarecrow
    Gerad Carrier as Tinman
    Jo-Ann McCabe as Lion
    Jackie Perry as Witch of the West
    Margaret Sambhi as Sorceress of the North
    Monty Herr as the Wizard of Oz

  • Ensemble:

    Victoria Lannon, Ian McDiarmid, Ernest Edema, Julian Perry, William Buckler, Gregg McCabe, Lim Beng Choon, John Joseph, Steve Baughman, Robert Cortese, Christianne Woodling, Frank Sullivan, Julie Ong, Frankie Sundsten, Gerald Spittel.

  • Producer:Dick Tarble
  • Stage Manager:John Simmons
  • Publicist:Judith M. Herr
  • Additional Notes:

    Sound: D.J. Neville