The Recruiting Officer (1969)


The Klang Theatre Workshop presents The Recruiting Officer

The Klang Theatre Workshop mempersembahkan The Recruiting Officer


  • Playwright:George Farquhar
  • Original Local Script:No
  • Company Name:The Klang Theatre Workshop
  • Date:November, 1969
  • Language:English
  • Lighting Designer:John Beeny
  • Costume Designer:Arthur D’Orsey
  • Principal Cast:

    John Singleton as Mr Balance
    Eric Pattison as Mr Scale
    Tony Price as Mr Scruple
    Chris Pinfield as Mr Worthy
    Ronald Bloom as Captain Plume
    Reg Collins as Captain Brazen
    Peter Clague as Kite
    Clive Fleury as Bullock
    Alan Payne as Costar Pearmain
    Ian King-Holford as Thomas Appletree, Thomas (smith)
    Bob Pearce as Bridewell
    Tim Bagot as A Collier
    Tony Ahmed as Drummer
    Francis Mounter as Flute
    Radhakrishnan as Balance’s steward
    Shirley Bloom as Melinda
    Suzan Yeal as Silvia
    Sanaj Easterbrook-Smith as Lucy
    Sarah Leftwich as Rose
    Pat Eng as Poacher’s wife
    Carolyn Sothy as Collier’s wife

  • Stage Manager:Clarence Wilfred
  • Additional Notes:

    Production by: Reg Collins